Workers Compensation Lawyer Breaks Down Personal Injury Law

Maryland Workers Compensation Lawyers at MacLeay Law Firm are helping workers get the best representation for personal injuries.

Car accidents are the primary cause of personal injury cases today, but there are numerous other personal injury claims that personal injury attorneys see. Personal injury refers to the law where an individual can seek out compensation for the harm that was inflected, in most cases, because of negligence.

Personal injury covers all claims resulting in bodily injury and can include psychological trauma. Aside from car accidents, personal injury can occur from slipping and falling on the floor in a supermarket to falling out of a hospital bed. Filing for personal injury claims is important for these claims, and having an experienced personal injury attorney to build a strong case is crucial.

Personal injury cases are legal disputes from one party to another, in which one claims responsibility for injury, depending on the negligence or intent of the responsible party. These injuries can be from damage to the body, mind, or emotions of an individual. Personal injury cases begin with seeking a law professional and submitting documents of “complaint” to the court. Since taking these cases to court will cost time and money, most defendants agree on a settlement to avoid going to court.

To hold a party legally responsible for injuries, four elements of negligence must be proved:

1.Duty and standard of care
2.Breach of duty
4.Injury or damages due to the party breaching duty of care

According to attorney Macleay, “The amount that is dispersed to the victim depends on the injury and how the jury rules the case. Serious injuries receive the highest injury settlements in court. How the attorney shows the evidence to the court is crucial.” Attorneys may also pursue damages to cover medical bills, emotional distress, negligence, and lost wages missed at work. These are some of the benefits of hiring a good personal injury lawyer.

Another important aspect is seeing the difference between a personal injury claim and a worker’s compensation claim. Pursuing a worker’s compensation claim is different because there is no fault requirement for compensation for injury. In a workers’ compensation case, a workers comp lawyer will pursue the highest judgment amount for compensation directly from the business’s workers compensation insurance. For those currently working and have been injured, a claim for worker’s compensation will be the best option. Some cases get denied, so it’s best to call a skilled workers compensation lawyer for a successful case.

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