Swords of the Highlander Film and TV Series

Back in the 1980’s, the movie Highlander became hugely popular with cult film lovers, including numerous exciting sword fights, a great villain and a stunning piece of miscasting with Frenchman, Christopher Lambert enjoying a Scotsman (Connor McLeod), along with the exact Scottish Sean Connery playing Juan Sanchez Vlla-Lobos Ramirez! Despite the ekino tv quirky beams, the film gained cult status, in large part as a result of the excellent sword fights, with collectors and fans soon seeking out replicas of the many weapons used in the film.

Although no official replica exists, there are a lot of unlicensed versions available to buy, mostly of decent quality but none are 100% true to the film prop.

Later in the movie Connor MacLeod wields an ancient Japanese Katana that once belonged to his mentor, Ramirez. Previously collectors have been made to put up with replicas that are unofficial, often poorly sculpted, and seldom accurate to the first film. Excitingly, United Cutlery have recently release a new, officially licensed variant, that accurately matches the movie variants intricately carved dragon-head manage, and includes a hand-forged carbon-steel blade. Serious collectors should shell out the extra money and get this, as it’s a massive improvement over previous available versions.

Following the very first highlander film, there were several sequels, but none who were as memorable or entertaining as the first. Throughout the 1990’s a Highlander TV spinoff show was created that followed the experiences of another MacLeod family member, znane polki nago Duncan. Like Connor he also wielded a dragon-head katana, although of a slightly different layout. The show is generally considered to be the very best followup to the original movie and attracted a sizable cult following, with things finally coming full circle with a film that combined Duncan and Connor.

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