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Windows might be the world’s most popular operating system, but given how enormously complex it is, it’s far from being perfect. For a start, there’s an extremely large and complex registry database that keeps together all the settings and other important information about your computer. There’s also a huge list of apps and services that are critical to the stability and performance of your computer. With tens of thousands of files and lots of things which can potentially go wrong, even the newest editions of the operating system need regular maintenance. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. On top of that, you have hardware device drivers, applications, and all your personal documents. If something goes wrong with any of these, it might only be minor and perhaps even unnoticeable but, together, these minor problems can culminate to have a significant impact on stability and performance.

Unfortunately, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) often make matters worse by installing junk software, also known as bloatware, on all their new computers. This is especially the case with new computers targeted at the consumer market. That’s why it’s often preferable to go for a business machine, since they’re more likely to be free of adware. Still, almost all new computers come with unwanted software preinstalled, like alternatives to popular solutions like web browsers. Other preinstalled software might include trial versions of premium applications, or other software you’ll never need to use. To make matters worse, these applications often start up automatically when you log in to Windows. Some don’t even appear in the startup list in the Task Manager, which makes it difficult to disable them without tweaking the registry or manually uninstalling them. Both of these steps can be risky, making matters worse for the average user.

System Mechanic Professional was designed to alleviate these common issues, among others. It’s the ultimate PC performance package, providing patented technology to maximize system performance, stability, and security. It has certified virus protection and data security features built in as well to help guard against the multitude of potential security and privacy threats out there. On top of that, it fixes a huge range of frustrating errors and system crashes and performance issues. This automated solution will provide a complete audit of your computer and take steps to resolve the issues it finds, with minimal input required from the end user. It also supercharges your internet connection by getting rid of bandwidth hogs, improving video quality, and enabling smoother gaming. In total, the software repairs about 30,000 different problems, including removing bloatware, cleaning up the system registry, and getting rid of clutter.

System Mechanic Professional features a user-friendly interface providing a complete visual overview of the current health of your system. This is ideal for power users who always like to be informed and get every possible bit of extra performance they can from their machines. Whether it’s a new computer plagued with unwanted bloatware and other settings, or an aging computer that’s starting to slow down, System Mechanic Professional gives any machine a new lease of life with.

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