Safe and secure trends for packaging of pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical products require absolute care and caution while packaging, storing and transporting them. The pharmaceutical industry is dependent on the packaging industry to a large extent. Packaging pharmaceutical products in a safe and secure way is extremely important so that they are stored with proper ventilation, stored at the correct temperature, and the most salient part are the segregation, identification and labeling of all the products being stored.

One of the primary concerns in packaging pharmaceutical products is the need for holding the design, shape, resisting any impact from outside and ensuring that the content inside is not damaged. Indeed proper packaging is imperative for an array of reasons. It is mandatory for enclosing and protecting products when they are being distributed. Moreover, the right packaging and labeling are also used for the storage and sale of products.

The packaging of pharmaceutical security products is very important from the manufacturer and distributors point of view as wrongly packaged products are detrimental to the security, protection and shelf-life of the product inside. Besides the protection of the contents within it from any damage, it also secures the product in another way. It plays a very important part to deter people from tampering with the original product. Improved labeling and packaging leads to packaging that is tamper-resistant and deters people from trying to open the product. Often the packaging is also tamper-evident which will indicate when somebody has tried to tamper it.

The pharmaceutical industry prefers safe packaging that helps to protect the products, preserves the contents, preserves the properties, helps in proper transport and informs the buyers about the contents. You will find that different types of protection are offered by packaging. There are two main types of protection that it offers namely barrier protection and physical protection.

Manufacturers in the pharmaceutical security industry often choose anti-counterfeiting packaging as it is also important when the products are engineered to reduce the risk of counterfeit goods, by including authentication seals, holograms and security printing which helps to indicate if something is counterfeit or not.

Packaging is offered in different forms such as:

  • Holographic Security and Promotional Labels
  • Holographic Security Seals
  • Holographic Flexible Packaging
  • Holographic and non-holographic Shrink sleeves and Shrink seals
  • Holographic Foil/ Laminate and paper stock
  • Holographic Wide-web foil
  • Full customized or stock designs!

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