Physical Digital is World’s Only Nadcape Approved 3D Scanning Service

With over 20 Years in 3D Scanning Industry Experience, Physical Digital is proud to provide their high accuracy 3D Scanning service. Physical Digital® is the largest UK service provider of 3D Structured Light (3DSL) optical scanning for high-accuracy and high-resolution measurement using industry-leading, non-contact GOM ATOS and TRITOP systems.


The company work with many sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Art, Medical, Architecture and more. They have worked with many fortune 500 companies are world’s only Nadcap accredited 3D scanning service provider.


Founded in 2005 in Surrey, the company was later acquired by Trescal Group in 2019. The company is now Headquartered in Paris with locations in 24 countries covering Europe, Americas, Asia (Singapore) and North Africa.


Physical Digital’s team of engineers specialise in high-resolution, non-contact optical measurement solutions using 3DSL, providing a fast, accurate and cost-effective way of collecting physical detailed data.


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