My Washing Machine Clothe Dryer Won’t Start – What Do I Do?

So you’ve found yourself saying, “Help! My washing machine clothe dryer won’t start!”

This is a frustrating situation, but the solution may not be too difficult. Whenever an appliance fails, it’s best to start by looking for common (and simple) problems first. Try a few easy troubleshooting tips, like checking for a tripped circuit breaker or a broken door latch. Chances are, you can go from “Noooo, my washing machine clothe dryer won’t start” to “I can handle this.” Here we are available with some tips but if you can’t handle this yourself, you can contact us. Then the best way to get rid of those disturbances is to call the expert from washing machine repair in kolkata and many more cities in India.

The troubleshooting steps below could get your washing machine clothe dryer started again in no time—or at least help you identify the problem you need help with. If you try everything you can and still find yourself wondering, Why won’t my washing machine clothe dryer start?, make a service appointment with your local All Electric Care.

“Why Won’t My Washing machine clothe dryer Turn On?” Here’s What to Check First

Appliance repair professionals diagnose problems by starting with the simplest issues, and you should too. Here are some of the most common answers to the question “Why won’t my washing machine clothe dryer turn on?”

    The washing machine clothe dryer is unplugged.
    One or both of the washing machine clothe dryer’s circuit breakers tripped.
    The door latch/switch is broken.
    The start button is faulty.
    The thermal fuse has gone bad.

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