How to Reduce Bounce Rate of your Website


Your website is good and you’re also getting high traffic to your site, but your ranking is getting down, and you’re not getting the sales. Is this the same problem which is happening in your business website?

The reason might be due to the bounce rate of your website.

Bounce rate is one of the key ranking factors that Google considers. Let’s look at different factors which affect the sites-

Page Speed

We know that users wait only 4 seconds on average to any site before opening the website. Try to not waste their time showing loading page scripts and downloading content to your customers. If you get low page speed, a one-second deferral can cost you 7% of sales, 11% less online visits and a 15% diminishing in consumer loyalty. If you want to improve site loading time, you can contact the best Seattle SEO expert.

Not Getting Targeted Visitors

Don’t just focus on creating content copy to get credit for being clever- create content that is helpful, insightful or interesting to your target audience. So, try to chack the wrong keywords you’re already ranking for in Google and avoid using them. If you think it is the same issue with you and want to solve it, hire SEO services Phoenix company experts who will provide you useful, engaging and SEO-friendly content for your site.

Worst User Experience

When we talk about website design, it means we talk about UI & UX. It is important to consider total site route designing, including pages interlinking with one another. Try to complete a way of ordering your products in a maximum of 4 mouse clicks. Many visitors will go back and will increase your bounce rate when the website design is not clear and user-friendly. If you have an e-commerce business, consider hiring Shopify Experts for good UI & UX services.


Trust is yet another important factor in the buying process, especially when your website is the only thing your customer has to go by. If it has a mishmash of different pages and several redirections, it can let off-putting unprofessional and even scammy. So, always check the redirection of your site it must not look like a spammy.

If you have solved all these major issues given above and still facing a high bounce rate, then

• Give better overall user experience

• Avoid using popups

• Optimize call to action

• Make an engaging landing page

• Add videos to engage your visitors

• Add HD images to captivate user attention

• Use targeted keywords for site ranking

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