How awning shades reduce the temperature inside your Dubai villa

We all know the temperature in Dubai can rise to over 50°C during summer. A lot of cooling efforts are required to keep the inside temperature of your home low and bearable. Dubai villas also have large glass doors and windows which need to be protected to stop the suns heat coming inside your home. Moreover, furniture, carpet and accessories near these glass areas need to be protected from the extreme heat and harmful UV rays. Motorised awning shades placed on windows and doors can help in reducing the temperature of outdoor areas by providing a shaded barrier. A shaded window area can also provide increased privacy.

Awning shades are indoor or outdoor architectural essentials in which a basic frame and headbox holds up a rolled fabric, creating a simply to use roll up shade system. It is used for providing a shaded barrier on the inside or outside of doors or windows. It not only provides protection from the sun but it also enhances the beauty of the area. The awning shade Dubai companies offer retractable motorised awning shades which can be used for providing shade on most window or doors up to around 16 square meters in size. The retractable design of the awning shade allows the shade to be rolled away when not in use so it doesn’t interfere with your view.

Features of awning shades that helps in cooling by reducing the temperature are:

Blocking harmful rays: The infra-red rays coming from the sun have damaging properties whether it is hitting your skin or your furniture. They are also responsible for increasing the temperature of the glass which then heats up your home. The fabric of the awning shade blocks the infra-red rays, thus helps in preventing the increase in temperature. It also blocks the harmful UV rays.

Strength and durability: The strength and durability of awning shade Dubai can be completely trusted because they come with a long-term warranty. The durability and strength are worth trusting and can be depended upon because the modern awning shades are manufactured with European technology using high-quality materials.

Flexibility: There are always flexibility options with the modern awning shades Dubai. They have a Somfy® motor for smooth operation retractable options which can be opened when sun protection is needed in the summer and rolled away when the sun is needed in the cooler times of the year.

Simple installation: The awning shades are easily installed by professionals according to the requirements of the homeowners.

Nobody wants to live in a hot Dubai villa. There might be some people who love basking out in such extreme Dubai heat, but most of us want to get away from that scorching sun and take shelter in a cool home. The motorised awning shade can also provide a privacy barrier as the type of material can be customised to suit the exact customer requirements. The awning shade Dubai companies offers its clients different variety of frames and size specifications to choose from so that they can be customized accordingly.

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