Extend the Life of Your iPhone Battery Now With These Easy Tips

Lock your telephone whenever you are not using it. Press and hold the sleep wake button on the edge of the telephone to enter a lock style. Generally settings you can adjust your telephone to lock within 1 to 3 minutes when there’s no action¬†how to check wifi data usage on iphone 6

You can switch off Wifi below the general settings and 3G below the system tab. You can change off both when you don’t need them. If it’s time to browse, select one or another, you do not want them both on at the exact same time.

If you are a gamer, then you like playing games in your own iPhone – you best know that this consumes battery rapidly. You can switch off the vibration feature in the games options menu, this will preserve the life span of the battery tremendously.

Utilize Airplane mode which you may find under settings when you’re in a place with minimal cellular protection, this works of all automatic lookup and allows you to use non wireless features and extend the battery even further.

Manually check your email. Automatic mail message recovery adopts battery power, you can change it by going to settings, email, contacts and calendars and then fetch new data, change it to direct, turn off any unnecessary extra email accounts you don’t use that often.

If you are eager to spend some money, buy an external battery extender, most of these slide unto the rear of your phone easily and are about 120 dollars a pop. visit our website

Run your iPhone through a complete charge cycle at least once a month to haul the battery with its gas estimate and using its state of control basically alerting the battery with its entire capacity. To do this charge the battery till its 100% billed then use the telephone before the battery is totally drained. You may see stats including how long that your iPhone was running since its last bill.

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