Europe Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast (2019-2026)

Europe Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market was valued at 17.20 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of XX % between the forecast period of 2018 and 2026. Europe Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market, By Offering

The Europe Artificial Intelligence is segmented by offering, by technology, by end user and country. Offering which is divided by hardware, software, and service. Based on technology classified as machine learning, natural language processing, context-aware computing, and computer vision. End-user industry sub segmented by healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, agriculture, social media, financial services. Country wise divided into UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, rest of Europe. Artificial intelligence is that branch of computer science which aims and works on creating intelligent machines. Artificial intelligence has become an essential part of the complete technology industry. The biggest driver here with artificial intelligence lies in unlimited access to computing power. Example would be public cloud computing was projected to stretch to almost US$70 billion in 2015 itself. Secondly, the driver of AI lies in data storage that has also become abundant as of the growth in big data. It would be correct to say that in a more digitalized world, the growth of data is constantly improving AI improvements. Based on technology, machine learning is dominated the market, in terms of revenue, and is expected to maintain this trend in the coming years, due to increase in demand for artificial intelligence industry solutions. Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the capacity to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning attention on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves. Based on the Offering, Software segment held the largest share of the overall Artificial Intelligence Market in offering segment in 2016 thanks to the developments in AI software for applications such as surveillance, flight operations, and airport operations. Key players operates on the market on, Babylon, Darktrace, Onfido, Adbrain, Almax Analytics, Babylon Health, BioBeats, Celaton, Cheerfy,, Behavox, Arria NLG, Aire Labs, Graphcore, Arago, Sigma AI, Alfred, Shift Technology, Prophesse, Tinyclues, Linkfluence, Snips, Saagie, Allomedia, Kayrros. The objective of the report is to present comprehensive Europe Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market  including all the stakeholders of the industry. The past and current status of the industry with forecasted market size and trends are presented in the report with analysis of complicated data in simple language. The report covers all the aspects of industry with dedicated study of key players that includes market leaders, followers and new entrants by region. PORTER, SVOR, PESTEL analysis with the potential impact of micro-economic factors by region on the market have been presented in the report. External as well as internal factors that are supposed to affect the business positively or negatively have been analyzed, which will give clear futuristic view of the industry to the decision makers. The report also helps in understanding Europe Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market  North America for Asia Pacific dynamics, structure by analyzing the market segments, and project the Europe Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market  North America for Asia Pacific   size. Clear representation of competitive analysis of key players by type, price, financial position, product portfolio, growth strategies, and regional presence in the Europe Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market  North America for Asia Pacific make the report investor’s guide.

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