Easy and convenient migration from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign

While Adobe InDesign might be an undisputed industry leader in the digital design field, it is by no means the only solution. Even though its own file formats are widely supported owing to its popularity, there are many others you might encounter. QuarkXPress is one such alternative, but it also uses a proprietary format which is not natively supported by Adobe InDesign. If you want to work with both programs and their proprietary file formats, or you plan to migrate from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign, then you’ll need Q2ID to handle document conversions. The lightweight plugin for InDesign provides a seamlessly integrated and user-friendly experience with a user interface that’s instantly familiar. It also offers excellent performance to simplify interoperability between the two applications so that you can get back to focusing on the work you do best.

When converting files, the most common concern is losing important elements like formatting and other features. This is made harder by the fact that a lot of proprietary formats simply don’t work well with one another. Import a file from one program into another, and you often end up with missing features, truncated formatting, and lost data. In the end, you often have to spend countless hours going through the imported document and making a lot of tedious and repetitive manual changes. Q2ID by Markzware was created to address these challenges with a dependable and affordable solution that you can count on every time. Available as a plugin for both the PC and Mac versions of Adobe InDesign, it uses a powerful data conversion algorithm to reliability export all details without leaving anything to chance. This offers an excellent head start for designers and publishers alike.

With the plugin installed, you can open, convert, edit, and save files from QuarkXPress in minutes. It supports documents created in QuarkXPress 2019 all the way back to the fourth edition, thus allowing you to convert over twenty years of documents. The plugin itself integrates seamlessly in all editions of Adobe InDesign from CS6 to the current CC 2020 edition. Every subscription comes with plugins for all these editions for machines running either macOS or Windows. In all cases, conversions are straightforward and very fast. All you have to do is open the file in Adobe InDesign from the new menu item which appears after you install the plugin, choose the file you want to convert, and wait for the process to complete. A status bar shows the progress, and most conversions only take a few seconds, allowing you to get back to work quickly without being disrupted by tedious manual processes.

Q2ID offers a complete conversion of all your page layouts and content to include things like page positioning, layers, linked text boxes, images, style sheets, and runarounds. The plugin is available for the predictable subscription cost of $199 per year, which includes free updates for the duration of your license. There are also tailor-made options available for larger organizations which need more licenses for more systems. This makes it a suitable choice for larger design companies making the move from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign as well.

Get started with Q2ID today at https://markzware.com/products/q2id .

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