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Missing a tooth is hard, but you are not alone! Over millions of people are living with one or more missing teeth. That’s 1 out of every 3 people. A missing tooth can cause much strife, but that ends today.

If you are missing one or more teeth and you want to smile, speak and eat like earlier again with the same comfort and confidence, there is good news! Dental implants are teeth that look similar and feel just like your own! Under proper guidance, such as treatment by an experienced periodontist, and proper care and maintenance by the patient, implants can last for long.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed into or on top of your jawbone. Dental implants Media PA are safe and effective option to choose to replace a single missing tooth, two or more teeth, and even entire rows of teeth.

Check out all the benefits of having an implant below!

  • Dental Implants Don’t Stand Out
  • Dental Implants are an Affordable Solution
  • Dental Implants Are Easier to Manage
  • Dental Implants Keep You Younger
  • Dental Implants Last a Lifetime!

And Dental implants and periodontal surgeons include the most popular team of qualified and trained oral surgeons in dental care.  It was originated by Dr. Sam Khoury a well-experienced surgeon. He is certified by the Board of American Periodontology. Dr. Sam Khoury by using Piezo Surgery for dental implants and 3D Guided surgery for dental implants based on reconstruction provides the minimally invasive surgical treatment.

The team of dentists and clinical staff are focused on providing the best to the most effective treatment to their patients and also provides them a peace of mind that is just priceless”.

Whether you just lost a tooth or have been using dentures for many years, getting a dental implant is everything you want out of a tooth restoration solution for you. Dental implants make you feel healthier and happier about your smile for sure.

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