Bridget Therese, A Motivational Speaker and International Fitness Competitor, Releases New Book Empowering Readers To Achieve Lasting Fitness Success

Bridget Therese, an internationally recognized fitness competitor, model, and speaker, has announced the release of her new book, Strong Mind, Strong Body: Fitness from the Inside Out, to audiences worldwide on Amazon. Focused on health and fitness, Strong Mind, Strong Body: Fitness from the Inside Out takes readers on a transformative journey to achieving lasting fitness results.

In exciting detail, Bridget uses her energetic and determined attitude to empower others. Sharing her journey from being new to the gym to achieving success in the extreme world of fitness competitions, Bridget guides readers on a journey of uncovering the best version of themselves. Understanding the challenges and sacrifices of health
and fitness, she manages to equip readers with a powerful program for lasting results through a determined mindset and expert-level guidance

With the knowledge, tools, and perspectives to succeed, Bridget draws on years of experience in the fitness world. Demonstrating anyone can do it too, Strong Mind, Strong Body: Fitness from the Inside Out features an all-inclusive 12-week exercise program for the home or gym, including instructions for basic or advanced workout
movements with dumbbells and bands. Complete with a list of supplements to support one’s health and fitness goals, the book also includes meal plan guidelines and fitness tips to transform one’s life.

“The results are real,” exclaimed an early reader. “I’m running out of clothes that fit and my tight leggings are becoming loose. I’m starting to see obliques and my thighs are barely brushing. But the best part is how much mentally stronger I feel. I'm physically more stable, limber, and balanced. I’m getting my core strength back and have more energy to keep up with my boys! That tops the weight loss and muscle definition!”

To get started on your health and fitness journey, get a copy of Strong Mind, Strong Body: Fitness from the Inside Out on Amazon here.

About Bridget Therese
Bridget Therese is an internationally recognized fitness competitor, model, and speaker. Desiring to live outside the box and chase her dreams, Bridget believes her emphasis on mind and body make her a standout in a crowded industry. Today, Bridget uses her professional and personal experiences, energetic personality, and humble background to empower others for long-term success in health and fitness. To learn more, please visit

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