Advantages and disadvantages of sliding insect screen doors

We can’t deny the fact that many houses in the UAE have sliding insect screen doors to stop insects from entering the house. The sliding screen door has become an essential part of bug free life across the entire UAE. Different houses have different door styles and as such, there are different types of sliding screen doors to match. Here we’ll be discussing some pros and cons of the sliding insect screen doors.

Advantages of Sliding Insect Screen Doors

Low maintenance: If we compare the construction of sliding screen doors with other forms of doors, we will find that the sliding doors have fewer parts. This is the reason the maintenance becomes easier for sliding doors and windows. When there are fewer parts it means it is a cost-effective and hassle-free solution for UAE homes.

Long-lasting and durability: The conventional form of doors and windows have many small parts like pulleys and springs attached which tend to corrode with time and wear off, but when it comes to sliding screen doors, they do not have any such parts. This makes them robust and long-lasting. When the mosquito net for doors is installed with the sliding doors, they become even stronger and more durable for a longer period.

Easy to use: Sliding doors and windows are quite simple to use because of their simple mechanism and require the least effort to open and close. When there is a shortage of space, they can be a perfect choice for installation instead of the conventional doors. We can also control the extent to which we want the door or window to be opened which is not hindered by the wind as in the case of conventional doors and windows.

Energy-efficient: Have you ever thought that of enjoying a breezy night without the use of AC in your Dubai home? This is possible only with the sliding insect screen doors which are equipped with insects screens and manufactured by fly screen Dubai companies. These screen doors restrict the entry of insects but allow proper ventilation so that you can sleep with your AC off while enjoying the fresh air. This in turn saves you money on the DEWA bill.

Contemporary designs: With their modern and sleek design, sliding screen doors are capable of adding a style statement to your home décor. The latest insects screen doors offer protection as well as style.

With so many advantages of sliding doors, there are very few disadvantages which are discussed below:

Hard to clean: The sliding doors and windows are hard to clean especially in winters. Unlike the conventional doors and windows, they can’t be tilted back and forth, so when there is not enough space on either side, it can become difficult to clean them.

Fingerprints: When too many hands try to open and shut the sliding doors, the glass of the door becomes a pool of fingerprints.

If you are planning to get sliding screen doors at your home, you can take the right decision with this information.

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