WiFi Hotspots For Your Hotel A Guide to Providing Guest Internet Access

Supplying guest Internet access in your Hotel may be helpful extra revenue stream and several customers expect Internet access to be available. Systems may be as simple as a $50 WiFi router at the Hotel lobby or as complicated as installing system points in every single space and running an onsite server. important link

The first question you should ask yourself is whether you want to provide access in every guest room or merely in the lobby? Depending on the layout of your house it could become a much bigger project to provide access in each guest room.

Another important question is if you would like your visitors to connect to the Web through wireless or wired network link. Wired (LAN) access can work better in circumstance where WiFi propagation is poor, like buildings with very thick walls. Unless you already possess Cat5 wiring in place it can result in a lot of disruption to run new wiring to each guest room.

The simplest way to determine how many WiFi Access Points you need is to carry out a site survey. By setting up the router at a probable area (At this point it doesn’t need to be Internet Connected) and walking around with the laptop you’ll be able to determine how far the signal can reach. It is worth trying different WiFi channels as that can sometimes make a major difference to signal strength. A Few Tips to increase the scope use this link

Each property is different; in general when you have a multi-story property you may consider an access point in the stairway on every floor. For a more distribute property you may require a few APs each floor.

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