What is a hip replacement?

You first of all need to understand, what your hip joint is.
The hip is amongst the body’s largest joints.
It is a ball-and-socket kind of joint where the socket is formed by the acetabulum, part of the large pelvis bone.
On the other hand, the upper end of the thighbone (femur) forms the ball or the femoral head.
The bony surfaces of the ball and the socket are covered by a smooth tissue that acts as a cushion at the bone ends to make their movement easy.
This tissue is referred to as articular cartilage.
Another thin tissue referred to as a synovial membrane also surrounds the joint.
In healthy conditions, the synovial membrane produces a fluid that lubricates the cartilage and diminishes any friction during movement of the hip, eliminating any kind of bone wear-and-tear.
However, in conditions such as arthritis, the cartilage, acting as a cushion between bones wears away. This wearing away causes friction between the bones of the joint leading to intense pain and stiffness.
A hip replacement is a procedure involving the removal of the damaged portions of your hip joint due to friction and replacing them with artificial ones usually made of metal, ceramic or hard polymeric material. This artificial joint/ implant aids in the reduction of pain and also leads to improved joint mobility and function.
A hip replacement could be recommended to you, if you are suffering from chronic hip pain which is hindering your daily activities and other non-invasive methods of pain reduction have proved to be ineffective or are no longer effective in improving your condition.

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