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The CPA Toronto Accounting Group & TheGAAP.net Presents: What have we learned after eight months of remote working?

Dec 8th. 7:00 pm

Many of us have worked from home for years, but since March of 2020 millions of professionals have been remote working. Some of us have come to enjoy this very much, leaving behind long commutes, stuffy office politics, and interminable office meetings. Others have mixed feelings and might like to get back to work as soon as they can.

What have we learned in terms of how we use our time and resources, technologies, and business connections? What are the pitfalls and benefits of homeworking? How can we balance our work and personal lives? What can we do to avoid procrastination and make productivity gains? Are we ready to go back to shared workspaces or do we want to make the changes permanent aspects of our careers?

We will hear a brief presentation and then share practical ideas, workshop-style. Please bring at least one idea to share with the rest of us on your best practices for remote working.

Remote or blended work is likely to continue beyond the COVID period and as financial professionals we need to take a leadership role and be adaptable in the days ahead.

Speaker: Jay Brennan

Borrowed funds, especially in a time of low-interest rates, are a key tool in addressing financial opportunities and threats for individuals and businesses. The Year of Covid has entirely changed how borrowed funds might be successfully deployed to build a business or to confront personal challenges. Knowing these strategies will be useful for every financial professional. 

Mortgage Agent

Dominion Lending Centres Estate Mortgages Inc

Speaker: Sue-Ann Maislin, Principal from SA Maislin Consultants (experts in workplace mental health and performance outcomes) will share practical tips for how to stay resilient while working remotely. She will discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of remote work and offer tips for improving energy and performance, maintaining social connections and establishing a healthy routine.

Speaker: “Cameron Cogswell is a Kinesiologist and Holistic Nutritionist with over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness field. With a unique and dynamic approach to combining fitness and nutrition Cameron has become Nationally recognized as one of Canada’s top 10 trainers (Muscle Memory Magazine), he has fostered great success working with individuals to restore health and wellness as well as large groups of people and athletes such as the Women’s National Hockey League where he works as a nutritional consultant.”

Fitness in the Pandemic

The Pandemic which gripped Canada in March has changed out lives, greatly, from work, relationships, social connections and of course our health and fitness. The latter is where I want to focus all of my attention, because with the emergence of health crisis, it is a potent reminder that our health is vital to our very existence. Perhaps this is a wakeup call to the World that we must do better for ourselves and our bodies. There is a sliver lining in everything and I believe looking inward at what we can do for ourselves and perhaps more importantly – our bodies – to build the best chance at living a long and prosperous life, free from disease and illness. 

In looking at some of the unintended side effects of the lockdown we see stress and anxiety at the forefront of people’s experiences, and once again fitness can be used as a mitigating factor against this rising issue. Health and fitness, in short can be used as a preventative measure and a treatment, and my goal is to show you just how easy it can be!

Join us on Tuesday, Dec 8th. 7:00 pm

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Great workshop, very valuable and inspiring. I would like to attend the workshop again………..Chiedozie Megwa 

Each event is fantastic! I learn something new every time that will help me in my professional and personal life. I hope to be a regular in TheGAAP.net events. Mrigank Kabra 

The workshop was very informative and well organized, covering the relevant topics and providing the right amount of content. The audience had adequate opportunity to ask questions to the speaker and interact with the fellow attendees. It was a workshop worth the time and cost. Look forward to attending the future workshops. Kul Makkar Director ITA Canada

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