There’s Much More Of Star Wars to Come Than One Could Have Thought

We were all exposed to a range of concerns and hopes on the future of this iconic adventure dream as it became part of the Disney family. best star wars legends books Today, couple of months after, it seems Disney is all set to generate the speculations come true. So now we’ve got a bunch of Star Wars offerings that will surface simultaneously with the primary Episodes.

Disney had disclosed that there are more stand-alone spinoff films that the company is working on based on the individual characters of Star Wars. The new stand-alone concept, I think will unfold a totally new universe of Star Wars with every individual character having their own story to tell, their secrets and puzzles. New stories coming from the pen of proven writers such as Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg can change the face of Star Wars eternally. Of course there will not be much of George Lucus to be seen anymore. And according to this Disney officials that the new films will be taken care of by the star manager J.J. Abrams.

I’ve no doubt that there are many out there impatient to know which are the characters that are going to be projected independently in the new spin-off movies. We also had rumors such as a narrative on”Yoda” may lead the very first spin-off experience, or it might be the bounty hunter Boba Fett, followed by young Han Solo for that matter. Additionally, as long as imaginations can go, what if we want to find a mysterious connection between”Yoda” and”Mickey” in one of those spin-off flicks? However, this is simply a notion – Disney knows the importance of iconic characters and they’ll never compromise or urge a connection between excitements and fantassies of two different worlds.

But somehow, there is a feeling which suggests another story all together. It’s about the massive fan-base of the first Star Wars films. Fans that have grown up enjoying the original trilogy may find it difficult to accept their beloved characters – performing in some absolutely new format away from the saga. Even if they watch the spin-off versions, they may not take it as part of Star Wars. best canon star wars books

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