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Why is SEO important for websites?
As an article writer, I always had a question in my mind how the readers on this earth will ever get to
see my online article as there are huge number of articles found online for any subject but in the
recent time, I figured out a way to grab the attention of readers online. I thought I should share my
experience with readers who are struggling to get their content or articles to be found by their
Just to begin with, I am not an SEO professional but in the recent past, I happen to meet my old
friend who runs an SEO agency in Geelong, and he happened to explain me about the importance of
being found on google and how he can help me to grab more targeted visitors to my site.
Before I start, just in case If you like to find my friends SEO company in Geelong, Victoria, just search
This my observation on SEO and why SEO is important for websites.
Every business these days likes to present themselves online and for that they bank on creating a
website for their services.
Any website is just a collection of images and text and organizing them in a structured manner which
is more friendly to customer on that site.
It’s said there are close to over a Billion websites on this planet, however, few hand picked websites
are known to everyone, like Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, amazon…list goes on. And most
users type these popular websites directly on browser but the rest out of billion websites are
different, so these websites relay more on search engines to help them to get pulled in front of a
customer when they search for products or services that they offer in the market.
So, these days with a doubt every website need more exposure and they can only get it through
search engines likes google, Bing, yahoo…
When a common user on internet searches for a specific product on any search engine example –
When searched for a 65-inch tv online, search engine comes up with millions of websites, however,
on the page one only 10 websites get pulled up and most users enquire or purchase from one of
these 10 web pages on the page 1, so businesses on page 1 make more business than anyone else.
So being found on the page 1 is very important for any website.
SEO agencies can help business owners to get their websites on page 1. SQUAROE is one such
agency in Geelong, Victoria – SEO AGENCY GEELONG
It is easy to find them, just search of SEO GEELONG or SEO AGENCY GEELONG on google,
you can find them on page 1.
So its is very important to get SEO done to a website, this process involves 2 major things, on-page
& off-page SEO. SQUAROE Digital marketing agency in Geelong is the best and can help with
complete optimization of a website for better rankings.
As per SQUAROE Rankings on the page 1 of a search engine can take any where from 3-5 months
and it completely depends on competition, domain authority, backlinking…
SQUAROE believes that a healthy website is something which is customer centric, well mobile
optimized and friendly along with complete on & off page optimization tasks done.
Moving forward SEO is not just something would want to consider but something they NEED.
You can reach out to them for Healthy SEO work at

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