Know your solar battery well

We are in an era where the drastic reduction of natural reserves poses a great threat to our world. Plus the increasing population and higher energy demands are putting the pressure to turn to renewable forms of energy. There have been recent advancements and new research happening in the field of solar technology for producing clean electricity. A lot of solar battery manufacturing companies are coming up with innovatively designed solar panels and batteries to get more out of solar power. In this blog, you are going to read about the solar battery. This gives you a general view regarding the solar batteries like where it is used and how it functions. So read on to know more about the solar battery.

Why we need solar batteries

It’s time we turn to green solutions. Greener solutions promise a sustainable future ahead. The sun we know is the ultimate source of energy on earth. Harnessing the power of the sun has been very beneficial for us. These days a lot of advancements have been carried out in the field of photovoltaic systems. Producing energy using such a system will help us reduce our dependence on the existing non-renewable fuels.

Solar panels and the PV system

We all have seen the solar panel. It is the device that captures the rays of the sun falling on the rooftop and turns it into electricity. Normally whatever electricity coming into our homes comes from the electricity grid. Resorting to the use of PV systems will help us generate our own electricity.

Advantages of depending on solar power

We can be less dependent on the electric grid or the outside power source for our energy requirements at home. People these days are living off the grid. That is they are making changes to their home layouts or settings in such a way that this PV system can be incorporated. This system generally has four to five different components all of which have different basic functions. Namely, we have a solar panel, inverter, battery, voltage controller, electric grid (to send back the excess current, thereby generating rebates also wherever it is applicable).

Functions of Solar battery Solar batteries perform the function of storing the electricity produced during the daytime when the sun rays fall on the solar panels. This happens due to the semi-conducting materials present on the panels which are mounted on top of the framework. They have the property of generating electric current using light due to the photoelectric effect. This current generated is DC power. This can be stored in the battery or can be used in the homes directly only after being converted into AC power by the inverter. This is the function of the inverter that is, it inverts the power. The appliances in the house run on AC power hence we need an inverter. After using as per the load requirements the excess electricity is stored in the batteries and then used later on. The electricity can also be sent back into the electric grid. Normally the energy needs of the homes is less during the day as compared to the night. How much you want to store electricity depends on the capacity of the battery. These days a combination of stackable batteries is used for greater storage of power. How much power the battery can provide in the output is also important. So if you want such a number of fans or lights to be used at a particular time then you have to check with the manufacturer how much voltage the battery can produce.

Solar battery- benefits

In the long run, this helps you save on electricity bills and become a contributor to a greener planet. If you are planning to buy solar batteries try to buy the best quality. Keep in mind the features like longer backup and high efficiency in mind. Also, take care of them properly to ensure a longer lifespan. Since batteries will be needed to store the energy, make sure they have a longer backup.


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