Is Your’ Internet Link or Wireless Network Letting You Down?

My business depends on the Internet; my phone is an IP phone, it utilizes the world wide web. If the Internet goes down so does most of my business until it comes back up in hours or days. It does not stop there though because my TV uses the Internet these days and then there is those cloud solutions which means some of my data may not be on any of my computers. I’m running a cable net connection and it is pretty quickly especially when it comes to downloads. And… it doesn’t even stop there ! Computers, cellular phones, tablets, TV’s, set top boxes, NAS drives, stereo systems, cameras etc. use wireless therefore wireless is really important also. Get More Information

If you’re operating an Internet dependent business or might actually miss your net connection at home you won’t want it to return ! Well, perhaps when you are on vacation… uh oh, got a remote security camera linked to your phone through the Internet another device, possibly a remote Internet linked pet feeder or something.

I believe most people want dependable all the 9’s uptime for our Web but of course that isn’t always easy to achieve. Making it 100% reliable I can’t promise in fact even all the 9’s is not that easy but I will probably show you how to make your Internet faster, have a greater capacity, make it even more reliable and improve your own wireless whilst keeping prices reasonable!

Most homes and smaller businesses have 1 Internet connection, 1 point and one router that functions as a router a switch and a wireless access point… authentic? If any of these elements go down then might your Web access. You can go ask the neighbour if you were able to sling a wire through to your business in their supply or ask for their wireless password and maybe sometimes this is OK, it is a temporary alternative of a type. If you want to be self-reliant though you’ll probably need a better solution. this link

Straightforward, go get another router, configure this up (hope you know where your broadband login information are) or better still, have yet another router on standby, just in case! From my experience most people or companies don’t have a spare. Your current router might be a bit special but anything will do to get you back up and running if a direct replacement isn’t to hand.

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