How to sell wrecked cars?

Selling wrecked cars can be a difficult task. Finding a potential buyer who will pay a fair price for your vehicle, in the condition it is in, is not so easy, especially when you try to hide the real situation of the vehicle.

Wrecked cars have a natural market: Insurance companies, junkyards, used dealerships, parts dealers, and, of course, friends or private buyers.

Although the spectrum seems broad, the sale of wrecked vehicles requires first of all evaluating the severity of the damage and the real possibility of recovering it so that it can be sold under normal conditions.

Steps to follow to sell a wrecked car:

1- Assess the real damage to the car: Not all damaged cars can be considered a total loss. But to find out, you need to obtain a technical estimate of the actual damage and the money it may cost to repair the car so that it is in perfect condition.

Of course, if the cost exceeds the commercial value of the vehicle, the appraisal must consider factors such as the number of complete parts that were not affected and their commercial value as a replacement. The rest, the irreparable, must be weighed and established as scrap metal. This must be done at a junkyard, which brings us to the next step.

2- Contact a reliable junkyard or car wrecker company: Usually, insurance companies make an offer to buy a damaged car. However, the values ​​are so low that scrapping becomes the best option.

You can reach many of these car wrecker companies online. Some of them will even ask you for images of the damaged vehicle and a description of the accident that caused the total loss.

Car wrecker companies that are advertised on the internet usually include opinions from users who have made use of the service. These opinions will be very useful when selecting a possible buyer.

The car removal company will buy your car to take advantage of metals, so weight becomes an essential factor to obtain a better price.

3- Contact the wrecker and agree on the delivery of the damaged car: Once you decide that a wrecker or removal company is reliable to deliver your car, it is important that you confirm the delivery conditions, and especially if the company bears the cost of the crane for move the car to its facilities.

This is very important since the value you will receive will not be very high, incurring the cost of the crane could mean that in practice you will not receive any money.

4- Payment: Pay attention. Some scrap yards or wrecker companies can pay you and send you a receipt by email before the crane arrives at your home. However, others will tell you that if it is a weekend they will make the payment on the first business day of the following week.

Ideally, you will always have the money in your hand or in your bank account when you deliver the car.

5- Change of name and cancellation: Scrapping can process the change of name and cancellation as an accessory service at no cost to you. This can be a differential that makes you decide on one or the other buyer.

In the event that this is the case, you must attach the following documentation:

  • Car registration certificate
  • Datasheet
  • Copy of the identity document. It can be an ID or Passport.

Keep a wrecked car?

When the value of the repair does not exceed 75% of the commercial value of the car, it is possible to think about the recovery of the car. However, keeping a wrecked car may not always be a good idea.

A vehicle that has suffered a serious accident, even if it is repaired by expert professionals, will never reach the levels of quality and performance that it had when it left the dealership.

But if you can sell it in better conditions than you will get in the scrapyard. Now you must think about how to replace the lost car and in this case, Renting can be an excellent idea.

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