How to sell a broken car so that it won’t be excruciatingly painful later?

How to sell a broken car so that it won’t be excruciatingly painful later?

Consider a situation – a car has an accident and is badly damaged. It is good that you were not the culprit of the accident, and now you can get some money. What to do next? Restore the car, or try to sell it “as is”, add money, and buy another car? To make a decision, there are a few things to consider.

What to look for before selling your car:

First, the condition of your car before the accident. Probably, it makes no sense to invest in the restoration of an already “wrecked” car.

Secondly, try to make the most realistic estimate of the upcoming renovation. Make the calculation in two or three garages you trust and compare the results. Calculate several repair options, depending on what kind of spare parts you will use: original, non-original, used from auto disassembly.

Thirdly, and this is probably the most important thing – try to get a clear answer from the repairmen on the real terms of work. Do not flatter yourself when you are promised to restore the car as soon as possible. Practice shows that in most cases, serious repairs are delayed at times from the originally planned time. Either there is no necessary part and you have to order and wait, then the already purchased spare part does not fit, then something else. Then the mechanics put your car aside and take another one, and you have to wait and take a taxi, car sharing, car, borrowed from friends or public transport.

And, fourthly, often the problems of finding spare parts fall on the shoulders of the car owner, or rather on his head, which begins to ache from the range of prices, non-original manufacturers, delivery times and other unnecessary information for you.

You can avoid all this if you sell the car “as is”, add money and buy a new car that suits you. It seems that the option is not bad, however, when you call a couple of advertisements of companies engaged in the purchase of damaged cars, the money offered is unlikely to please you. Usually, when calculating, the minimum market value of your car as a whole is taken (this can be viewed on websites selling used cars). The market value of the refurbishment is deducted from this amount. The result is very little.

Try to find a buyer for your wrecked car (probably car wreckers). This is not such a difficult task. We have enough people who are well versed in cars, do a lot with their own hands. They dream of buying a suitable wrecked car and investing money in stages without haste to restore it.

And repairs will cost them much cheaper than in a car service. So don’t underestimate the value of your damaged car and think that nobody needs it.

Important tips on how best to sell a wrecked vehicle:

  • If there are unfulfilled mutual obligations, be sure to coordinate the start of the sale with the insurance company. All necessary examinations and evaluations must also be done. In some cases, it may not be superfluous to get the UK’s consent to sell your vehicle.
  • Take a photo of the car from all sides and place an advertisement for sale on specialized sites for the sale of cars or on popular Internet resources where there is a corresponding section. It is better to wash the car before the photo session, it will look more attractive.
  • Store the emergency vehicle in a garage or guarded parking lot, otherwise, there is a high probability that the vehicle will be quickly dismantled.
  • The initial cost can be determined by talking to familiar auto technicians whom you trust. As a rule, repairmen are quite good at knowing the prices of cars. And don’t be afraid to charge a high price! If there are no calls, the price tag can be reduced.
  • Be patient. You will repeatedly have to listen to lectures on the phone and while watching, such as which bucket your car is, and that the money offered to you is just a fabulous gift.
  • And, perhaps, the most difficult moment is the execution of the sale transaction. The best option for you would be if you deregister the car and the buyer re-register it for himself. However, when registering an emergency vehicle, difficulties may arise. And since a broken car is often purchased for restoration with the aim of further resale, the buyer does not want to register it for himself during the repair. It is much more convenient for him to buy a car with a notarized power of attorney.

If the car is purchased for parts, then you just need to remove it from registration. This is a guarantee that you will not become an unwitting participant in any semi-criminal scheme. After all, it is not known what will happen in the future with the documents for this car.

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