How to select the Right Tiles For Your Dream Home.

Building beautiful spaces that reflect your personality and give you the satisfaction of owning them, means a great deal to all the people. With regards to the interior or exterior of the space, one thing we all have to pay attention is the walls and floors of the house which play key roles in your design. With regards to tile flooring, there is no deficiency of materials, colors, surfaces, and designs to look over. Be that as it may, Only one out of all is good for particular areas.

Let us dive into the right material and design selection process to choose the correct material for all your room in the house

1. Benefit of tiles:

People may contemplate over the comparison of tiles and marbles. However, if you’re trying to find cost effective and sturdy shine to your home then tiles are the proper choice for you.

Tile flooring increases the resale value of a house due to its sheen and timeless appeal.

Glazed tiles’ beauty lasts for an extended time. Floor tiles require less maintenance unless something is spilled over and is straightforward to wash too.

Floor tiles are non-toxic and thereby good for people affected by allergies.

Tiles comes with anti-bacterial properties, Vinyl tiles helps in retaining heat during winter thereby cutting electricity bills

2. Selecting the right tiles:

Nowadays, there are tiles of various shape, texture, colour and styles. There is vast market flooded with different type of tiles.

Tile manufacturing companies have come up with a variety of various tiles for each segment. Although tiles are often used anywhere, there are specific tiles  for kitchen, bathroom, garden area and swimming pool.

First, decide where you would like to suit the tiles. for instance glass tiles aren’t a perfect option to put up in kitchen area. Likewise, bathroom and pool area requires anti-slippage tiles.

Choosing the proper size of tile is additionally important. If they’re too small then it’ll give the looks of a chessboard look and if it’s overlarge then it’ll look cluttered. If you’re trying to find cost effective tiles with long durability then ceramic tiles are the perfect choice. Ceramic tiles are available all sort of shape and finishes and may easily originate your room as they’re available in many colors too. if properly installed then floor tiles go an extended way.

Go for tile flooring if you’re trying to find cost-effective solution and at an equivalent time want to retain a glossy touch.

Since the ground is that the key design element to any room in your home, you’ll naturally got to ask yourself a couple of sets of questions before selecting the proper flooring supported design, your lifestyle, budget, and site.

The variety of floor tiles designs available in the market means it’s easier than ever before to  form your space stylish and unique. Tile space presents before you a couple of tips to select the proper floor tiles design for your dream home.

THINK of the aim of an area When selecting the proper colour for your tiles, there are always a couple of basic guidelines a home owner should confine in mind.

Firstly, it’s crucial to spot the aim of the space. Is it going to be used as a leisure room that ought to be catchy and unique or is it getting to be a bedroom that ought to be more soothing and welcoming than bold and glossy? Every room is exclusive and features a different purpose and therefore the colours that are suitable in one room won’t add another.

You should decide the aim of that room thus, the general look of the space . Details like the usability and frequency of use and exposure to heat or moisture should be determined beforehand.

Fix a tile size supported the space size It is true that the dimensions of an area affects the choice of tiles and the other way around . For a modest room, choosing bigger tiles can make your room appear bigger. Moreover, using an equivalent pattern of wall and floor tiles can’t only give your room a really polished and stylish look but also visually makes your room appear more spacious.

3. Tile Hardness:

When perusing various kinds of floor tiles, one of the most important highlights to focus on is to is Hardness (the Moh’s scale).

It computes the material’s capacity to withstand wear and tear pedestrian activity. The evaluations are given by the Porcelain Enamel Institute and depend on thorough lab testing. You can use this scale to choose an item that is generally useful for your room.

Class I: No footfall or moving traffic. Suitable for only wall application.

Class II: Light traffic or interior wall applications. Best in areas with delicate soled to typical pedestrian activity, with no scratching dirt. For instance, restrooms and rooms with no outside access.

Class III: Light to moderate traffic, good for countertops and walls. Appropriate for spaces with normal pedestrian traffic and little amounts of scratching dirt. This class of tiles can be used in all rooms of the home, Except heavy traffic areas and kitchens, lobbies.

Class IV: Moderate to heavy traffic. they are often installed all areas of the house , including kitchens, halls, entryways. These are the simplest floor tiles to use, as they perfectly combine beauty and performance

Class V: Heavy to extra heavy traffic, also as exposure to scratching dirt. Works well in any room of the house, also as commercial spaces.

4.Check the Tile Porosity:

Another critical feature to not be missed is porosity. it’s determined by the ratio of air holes to solids during a tile, which impacts the quantity of water it absorbs. If you’re installing tile during a moisture prone area, like a toilet , kitchen, mud room, laundry room, pay close attention to the present rating.

Here are Porosity Classifications:

Impervious: water absorption of 0.5 percent or less. Recommended to be used within the kitchen and particularly bathroom.

Vitreous: water absorption of 0.5 percent to three percent.

Semi Vitreous: water absorption of three – 7 percent.

Non Vitreous: water absorption of quiet 7 percent. This category isn’t recommended for floor use.

5. Choose Slip Resistance:


Most of the tiles material in the market are tend to be slippery if you have water on the floor it can cause accident which we would like to avoid at all cost right? Most common areas for this kind of incidents are wet areas such Bathroom, Shower area, swimming pool deck area. These areas require careful approach while choose correct tile.One should use an good slip resistance  tiles.

The recommended size to use on floor are 4*4 or smaller. Do not go for the size bigger than 6*6

  1. Ceramic or Porcelain: Ceramic and porcelain tiles are good choice as it comes in good texture and wide colour range. Choose slip resistance tile in this section.
  2. Slate:  Slate is beautiful stone to use in the house as they have natural slip resistance.
  3. Small size tile (glass, mosaic, etc): Small size tiles and glass or mosaic tends to have more line which can be filled with different grout to give more appeal and texture to the floor. The grout line provide good slip resistance.
  4. Pebble stone: Pebble stone has unique aesthetic look and can be good for exterior or interior of the house.

6) Choose the tile of different areas:

“Where and what for “ should be the first question popping up in mind of person before deciding which tiles to use in the house.

it is crucial to first understand the purpose of the room. Is it going to be bedroom that should be more welcoming and soothing to relax ones mind than bold and glossy or is it going to be leisure room that should be catchy and unique. Every room and every corner of your house reflect your personality and gives feel to its guest which you want them to feel in every room. One should choose the correct tile considering its exposure to people, traffic , heat or moisture beforehand.

7) Living room:


While most of the people don’t consider living room or front room floors for tile installation, porcelain tile can bring a classy flair to the most room of your home. Now its possibility to buy  tile that replicate the rich and cozy look of natural hardwood  or real stone, you’ll have the advantages of tile along side the design of other flooring materials.

Especially if you reside a hot and humid climate, having tile flooring within the living room or front room will go an extended thanks to making the space feel cool. Porcelain tile are going to be pleasant to the touch, but won’t retain heat, like wood flooring do.

Other benefits of tile for the Living room or  front room floor include longevity, pet-friendliness, simple cleaning up stains (unlike carpet), and virtually zero maintenance, unlike other materials, like natural wood or stone. Porcelain tile is additionally eco-friendly; its none-allergenic and VOC free material.

If you’ve got an open plan and your front room comes along side the dining room and kitchen, you’ll create a gorgeous tile floor design that flows seamlessly throughout the space.

8) kitchen tile ideas :

Porcelain tile may be a great flooring option for a contemporary kitchen. Its budget-friendly, offers a good range of versatile looks and is extremely easy to wash .

If your kitchen involves a niche looking floor without troubling the bank, there are wood porcelain or marble tiles. Now a days these designer tiles are made using latest innovative  printers that make the identical copy of the design and texture ones need. Black and white tile can be right choice for impressive and modern white kitchen.

If you’re looking to decorate things up with a graphic floor, consider terrazzo tiles. Colorful encaustic tiles also will do the trick, making an uneventful kitchen floor the focal design point of the space.

9) Select Ceramic Wood Tile instead Of Real Hardwood:

Since the old days people are very fascinated by wood flooring and design for their home with real hardwood material which get expensive over the period of time for maintaining it.

If you love the look and feel of hardwood at your home but don’t want to deal with the expenses of maintaining it than the Ceramic wood tile will be perfect solution as it give upscale feel of your home. it will maintain the durability, heat and moisture.

10) Trending concrete tiles:


Since the invention of concrete its highly used material in construction industry its has its good reason, concrete is highly durable, and long lasting flooring solution. It is highly resistant to moving traffic, stains and moisture.

If you want very futuristic, upscale feel at your home, consider concrete tiles. it is versatile material and can be used in any room of you house, Kitchen, bathroom, living room etc. The biggest advantage of using concrete tile is its custom made option as per the person choice which isn’t available in any other tiles.

You can select the size, pattern, colour, of the concrete, put up request for custom made cutouts, special imprint pattern if you have choice as per the house designs, you can have 3D sculptural designs with such huge option to choose for the design option ones have is endless.

11) Installation of tile floor and wall:

Installation of tiles is extremely easy. However, careful selection is to be made while choosing the proper tiles. house is a mirrored image of your personality. Likewise, choosing of tiles will reflect your personality and a specific theme that you simply want for your home.

List of tools and other material to give the long lasting installation and right effect of tiles and stone at your home:

1) Good Contractor for your home
2) Right tile selection as per the house design
3) Right Tile Adhesive
4) Right tile Grout to have the optimum look and feel of your house
5) Tiles spacers, Notched trowel, Tile spacer, Cement, Gloves, Electric stirrers etc.



Tiles and stone in your interior and exterior designs of home is considered to be the investment. Its give the upscale look and feel, as well as increases the market value of your home as it retain the shine and glossy effect of your house for long time.

It is recommended to use the correct tile adhesive and tile grout as all your hard-work of selection process of tile and design of your house is depending upon the tiles should be set properly and does not break for long time so you can enjoy the house for generation to come.

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