How to get the best Tubular inverter battery for inverter

In today’s time, we are highly dependent on inverters. We just cannot do without them when there is a power cut. Frequent power outages call for a longer backup that fulfills our requirements of energy at home and offices. In this blog we are going to discuss how to get the best tubular inverter battery for your inverter.

Why we need inverters we use an inverter to run various appliances and gadgets in times of power cuts. These days, power demands are huge due to the increasing population and varied sectors that use energy. In such difficult times of power cuts, we need our inverters badly.

Role of batteries

Batteries give the power to your inverter. Always keep your batteries in good working condition so that your inverter works the best.

Over time their performance may reduce due to corrosion, dust getting accumulated and water levels going below normal. Hence it is essential to take care of the inverter’s battery.

The appliances at home generally work on AC power and batteries store DC power. An inverter converts DC power from your batteries to AC power for your appliances.

During the charging time, the inverter converts the AC power to DC power for your batteries to store. Later during a power failure, the stored energy in batteries is used to run your appliances.

So, batteries are the devices that store power in the form of electric charge and later this power can be used to run your appliances at homes. Types of batteries used in inverter Batteries used in inverters are lead-acid batteries that are rechargeable. A battery contains electrodes and an electrolyte. In lead-acid batteries, the two electrodes made of lead are put in the electrolyte which is sulfuric acid. Based on the construction of the plate we can have two types of inverter batteries: 1. Tubular Inverter battery 2. Flat Plate inverter battery


Tubular inverters batteries are generally more efficient than the flat plate inverter batteries. In them the positive grid is not flat, rather the material is stored in tubes along the length of the electrode. They can store more power and hence more backup. They have a longer life also as compared to flat plate batteries.

So having understood the basics of the batteries you can choose the best batteries for your inverter wisely. While doing so, you have to know how much is your load requirements at home or wherever you are getting it installed. Accordingly, select the batteries and keep in mind to choose batteries that offer high performance and are durable. Good quality batteries will provide optimum performance and have a long life.

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