Click Here to Learn the Best Guide On Buying Used Motor Grader!

Click Here to Learn the Best Guide On Buying Used Motor Grader!

The motor graders are machines that are frequently used in the construction industry. This multi – purpose construction machine can be used for doing many jobs linked with preparing a different kind of surfaces ranging from building roads to flashing sports field.

These powerful and well-skilled machines are also used for preparing foundations of heavy commercial buildings, building drains, spreading material, cutting ditches, and to name a few. Alike this, other graders accommodate different attachments, which makes these machines highly versatile.

When we talk about buying used cat motor graders for sale, then there are few basic things you must consider. Being an experienced buyer of used machinery myself, I know the significance of these tips; following these suggestions can save you from any later expense, or inconvenience in using a used grader for your project.

  1. Reason for Selling – Try to find a particular reason why the motor grader is being sold; try to get some idea of its working in the past. Maybe seller deals in buying/selling of second-hand graders, or selling due to any default that can’t be repaired, or selling to beginners who need it for practice.
  2. Maintenance & Fitness for Use – investigate machinery’s maintenance history. Checkout its function ability and fitness for consistent use.
  3. Understand the Accident History – Ask the seller or retailer if this machinery has any previous damage or mechanical work is done before. How many times this machine has been repaired before, or how it has been maintained by the last users.
  4. Consider Part Replacements – Also, check if any machinery parts need a quick replacement. If yes, then how much it will cost.
  5. Ensure That Engine is Working Properly – Lastly, the engine is the backbone of any heavy machinery; be it excavator, motor grader, or bulldozer; so whenever you buy used construction equipment, then inspect, and make sure is the engine in satisfactory working condition or not.

Other Basic Aspects You Must Consider in Used Cat Motor Grader

Apart from these above-mentioned criteria, there are some other major aspects as well, which you must inspect. It’s all about the general condition of the operator cabin; thus, pay attention to the following aspects;

  • Dials & gauges
  • Pedals, steering, & control doors
  • Windows & screens
  • Mirrors
  • Check the mainframe for signs of damage or overuse.
  • Examine the condition of axle & wheels
  • Inspect the moldboard and its working parts to ensure that is mechanically sound. Also, make sure that the leading edge of the mold board is in good working condition.
  • Check all the graders, hydraulics, pipes, and cables.
  • Inspect the scarifier to ensure that it can move, function
  • Don’t forget to check the fork and its teeth.

It would also be beneficial to have on hand operator who can keep demonstrating all working orders of the grader

3 Techniques of Operating Motor Grader

Operating a construction vehicle is really challenging! If one job gets done in one go, so others might need several passes to get done.

However, there are three basic techniques for operating motor grader.

  1. Ability to visualize the finished job before starting work. Determine what would be the final finish look like, which high spots need to get cut, and which low spots need to need to get filled in, and how will it rain off
  2. Don’t move the material more often than required
  3. What you want your blade to do before you even lower it to the ground

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