Businesses Can Learn From How Politicians Use Facebook Fan Pages

Over a year after leaving the Oval Office, President George W. Bush has launched a Facebook Fan Page. Mr. Bush’s appearance on Facebook piqued my curiosity, leading me to fall by his Fan Page to see what he is doing and also to look in on what other top politicians are doing on this social networking site. how to make money on onlyfans

Why look at politicians at all? Learning exactly what they perform on Facebook can show businesses how to be successful on Facebook. Politicians through an election year engage in a high-stakes marketing campaign. The product they sell is their own person and there is only one in inventory-if they can’t sell themselves they shed.

Politicians can also be famous for crafting their own image and needing just positive public opinion to keep this image. So, what do they expose about Facebook and how can they interact with Fans on their fan webpages? What can they teach us about participating a following on a Fan Page?

You may be under the belief that the ex-Vice President is going to be private and accessible on Facebook, after all of his accounts is installed as plain ol’ Al Gore, not one of the high-brow stuff of utilizing his entire birth name Albert Arnold Gore Jr.. There’s no mention of this Nobel Prize. see this website

Al and Tipper declared their separation June 1, 2010 and on June 2 Tipper was still listed as one of his most important pursuits on his Info tab. There are loads of well wishes from concerned fans, hoping Al and Tipper discover happiness, but there’s no article from Gore. Despite growing information everyday about the largest oil spill in US history which threatens the Gulf Coast,” Gore has broken up his routine of frequent posts and hasn’t updated his Facebook account for more than two weeks. Plan: Stick to the environment and do not share too much personal info. Appears to be taking a break from upgrades.

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