4 Reasons why Memory Foam Mattress is Better Than Other Mattresses

Here are four simple reasons that make memory foam mattresses better than other mattresses,

  • Relieves Back and Joint Pains– Memory Foam is used to make Mattresses that are exceptionally engineered and designed to provide the ideal surface and stability to people who suffer from back and joint pains. Does so by allowing the hips, and shoulder to sink into the mattress with the right amount of support. The mattress is soft, sturdy yet durable, so no matter what position the individual sleeps in, the mattress continues providing comfort all the way.


  • Allergies, Dust and Odor Free – Dust and Mites prefer the tiniest of nooks and crannies to call it their home. These eventually multiply and cause allergies, as well as breathing issues. The molecules of memory foam mattresses are more prominent, making easy ventilation and creating difficulty for mites and dust to accumulate. This passage of ventilation also helps in making the bed odor and humidity-free, thus enhancing your hygiene.


  • Zero Partner Disturbance – When we sleep, our body moves and settles according to its comfort; that movement is not under our control. However, these movements can disrupt our partner’s sleep, making it difficult to achieve a good night’s sleep. With memory foam mattresses, one side of the mattress’s impact does not affect the other side; this ensures that you and your partner enjoy a carefree sleep.


  • Optimized Temperature – Our body temperature gets impacted by the materials around us; thus, we choose to wear cotton clothes instead of wool in summers. Similarly, the mattress can heat our bodies, especially ones made using coir. At SoSleepy virgin grade, raw materials are used to make Memory Foam Mattresses that keep the body cool and calm. With less foam yet equal comfort, you get the right amount of relaxation.


With such great features, Memory Foam Mattresses have managed to create a vast market and have also become affordable over time. It’s time you too experience the luxury of this mattress. Place an order today and have the mattress delivered in no time at your doorstep. Money spent on well-being is always worth it, especially when it ensures quality and warranty. So hurry up, place your order, and indulge in some ease.

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