4 Amazing Destinations To Spend Your Summer Holidays in India

4 Amazing Destinations To Spend Your Summer Holidays in India

Get here list of 4 Amazing Destinations To Spend Your Summer Holidays in India. I am sharing world popular Destinations To Spend Your Summer Holidays.

1) Mount Abu

Mount Abu is situated at Rajasthan which is also known as “Guru Shikhar” where several people from the love-ones of family and friends like to travel for these types of places where they feel like Shimla about this place due to semi-cold atmosphere there. Several amusements spots of different kinds like artificial lake of this place which call Nakki lake where many people like to recreate with boating with their groups. There are nice carvings of temple which are wow and interest for tourists.There are some halls where people like to experience the silent zone, which is calm and full-filled with peace. There is the sanctuary, which covered 290 km of forest area where people like to join the safari jeeps with special teams like to capture the animals surrounded this sanctuary.

2) Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is the place which is situated at Satara at Maharashtra, where several people like to reach there in the times of summer vacations in which they like to enjoy with their family members and friends. There is the nice highest great site scenes of hilly regions where people like to do hooting where they feel the sound comes back to them. There are some sites of waterfalls where they like to do fun there with the falls of water and create wetting moments and like to capture the beautiful sceneries of this destination.There are some ancient old temples which are established in the times of 1850 where people like to go for meditate self and lord Mahadev. There is the venue lake where people like to do boating there for long distances to enjoy the flowing lovely moments of their life.

3) Tawang

Tawang is the place which is situated at Arunachal Pradesh where several people like to go there with their family members, office staffs and friends of collages. This place is situated about the altitude of 3048 m where there is the monastery, which is known as Tawang monastery where many people from abroad countries and different states of India like to come there for meditation session and to enjoy this place. This monastery is founded by Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso in 1681 where several groups of good monks like to teach about Buddhism to students.This is the great devotional trip where people like to enjoy adventures like the ice-skiing which is very popular sport for this place and in the time of January and December the snowfall happen in that month which is a nice spot for capturing the memories.

4) Manali

Kullu Manali provides stunning views of the snowy mountain peaks, and wooded slopes not to mention grassy meadows, besides white waters of the foaming and somewhat bouncy Beas River which literally flows through the town adding to the beauty of the landscape. Home of the Great Manu Maharishi, Kullu Manali is one of the top most popular place for the adventure lovers and honeymooners who visit Amritsar to Manali this place for several reasons that include, among others, to enjoy thrilling white water rafting, rock climbing, trekking, and skiing.

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