Your Mom Smokes Pot, And She Has a Podcast

HIALEAH, FL, [Date] – Parenting is sometimes enough to drive a mom to drink. Much better, say two college friends from South Florida, to spark the occasional j. In just one year, Pot Smoking Moms has built an international audience for its supportive, informative, and sometimes hilarious take on better parenting through THC. 

PSM takes a frank and funny look at parenting, with special emphasis on self-care and stress management, all through the lens of responsible cannabis use. The final episode of its previous season focused on upcoming House vote on marijuana legalization, the role of Black women in the cannabis industry, and personal reflections on being the only marijuana user in an otherwise conservative family.

“The podcast grew out of our personal conversations about cannabis use,” remembers host Sunny Dee. “Back then, we were just relieved that we could discuss the ways marijuana helped us as parents with one or two moms who shared our little secret. Those conversations were a blast, and they made us feel less alone. After a while, it dawned on us that we could help other moms in the same position.

“After a year of podcasts, we’ve built a worldwide community of listeners, and I’d like to think that we’ve done our part to de-stigmatize cannabis use. For listeners who want to sit around and eat snack food all day, we’re probably a drag. For parents who want to be more poised, more relaxed, and more present with our children, we’ve got a little something to offer that’s worked for us.”

The podcast’s upcoming season will discuss the ups and downs of virtual school, along with the usual mix of friendly banter, interviews with medical experts and cannabis industry insiders, and updates on the changing role of cannabis in our personal and public lives.

To learn more about PSM, or to listen to archived shows, please visit To contact the hosts directly, please write to [email protected], or call Sunny Dee at 786-399-1559.

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