Womens Shirts In the Golden Age of Pop Culture

If jeans were tight, shoes were bright and rock was much younger than it is now? So, obviously, a number of the world’s modern t shirt firms (thank goodness), have eventually and jointly realised that Something Must Be Done about the appalling logo heavy fashion that has been sweeping, nay dirtying the roads for the previous 10 years. visit this website

Ladies shirts should be about entertaining; fashion; and stupidly quotable movies – not giant golden words that don’t imply anything. Praise whoever you need to be inclined to praise: fashion is back. Finally. And it doesn’t mean carrying incomprehensible slogans throughout your torso in eight foot made from fake metal. Well, not unless the slogan comes from a song or something.

Here is the thing: back in the afternoon, style was all about being original. About making a statement regarding one’s individuality. So far so magnificent. Then along came the corporate fat cats and before anyone could say”crew neck”, womens tops (and men’s, for that matter) had been standardised with these dreadful things called trademarks. A symbol, of course, is roughly as individual and original as a reality TV show: if everyone is wearing the exact same thing, how can anyone be making a statement about anything in any respect? cat tee

Sadly, no one appeared either to notice or attention – along with the formerly vibrant world of casual threads became a sort of animation version of wear. As regimented and dull, in its way. More so, really – at least working clothes are supposed to be dull. Womens shirts, once things of multi hued beauty proclaiming allegiance to several bands and films and things, became staid and conformist as the omnipresent polo shirt did for the guys.

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