Why Small Business Owners Struggle to Make a Profit

Recognizing the purpose of marketing is the first step to making your marketing work better for you. So, knowing what advertising is all about is essential to getting optimal results and in this piece I am going to show to you precisely what you want to know. Online

One of the most common mistakes small business owners make is to invest money on the wrong kind of advertising. They invest in something known as tactical marketing. That is, how their marketing dollar is going to be spent. Things like,”should we use AdWords or not, how much should we spend, what keywords if we target, if we do direct mail or not, is my site because of an upgrade?” To put it differently, the way to spend the advertising dollar as opposed to spending their cash firstly on strategic marketing.

Strategic marketing is the message they want to send and who to send the message to. To put it differently, who is our most likely buyer, what are their pain points, what issue do they want solved, what alternative do we have that is unique and what’s the decision-making procedure those prospects are likely to follow.

Marketing is about understanding the needs, wants and desires of a market, how those desires, wants and needs are now being fulfilled by competitors in the sector and ways to benefit from the opportunities that exist in these markets to create a profit. Course

To create the most profit from any niche you want to create a market dominating position. That’s a place that once identified can be conveyed to your target audience together with the clear knowledge that you are the obvious selection for selection to fix their pain points.

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