When to refinance your mortgage? When is the ideal time to do so?

Refinancing is a crucial decision that depends on several factors comprises the time span you plan to live in your house, the mortgage interest rates else how long it will take to recover the closing cost. However, borrowers have diverse situations and, in some situations, refinancing

Tends to be an ideal choice and for the remaining one, it might not be the best decision. In order to know when to refinance your mortgage, first, decide how much time you are planning to stay at your house. Thus, make sure you have determined your financial goals as well and then find out when to refinance your mortgage.

Solid reasons for when to refinance your mortgage?

Thus, homeowners always notice to refinance their mortgage when they see a diverse fall down in the mortgage rates. Following are the reasons you should consider too:

  • If you can see the potential of paying off the loan in the smaller term.
  • When you realized you have earned adequate equity in your house to refinance without buying mortgage insurance.
  • When you want additional funds with cash-out refinance.

When to refinance your mortgage?

Following are the major points you should consider before going for refinancing.

  • Credit scoring

The majority of mortgage lenders demand a good credit score of at least 620 in order to qualify for refinance loan. Thus, if you want to get the lowest refinancing rates, then it’s mandatory to have a good FICO score of 740 at least. Make sure that you have reviewed your credit scoring, and if your scoring has been reduced when you took out your existing mortgage loan then, do not consider this time for refinancing.

  • Debt to income ratio

For conventional loans, several lenders only work with 43% DTI. FHA loans require high DTI ratio of 50%. Thus, the lower is usually better.

  • How much time you are planning to stay

Whenever you are planning to refinance, you have to pay the closing cost. If you are thinking to move out, you might even recover costs.

  • Equity

If you want to get qualified for refinance loan, you typically require at least 20% equity in your house.


Refinancing is a smart way if it lessens down the mortgage payments or it helps to build your equity. Make sure that you have some research before going for refinancing, as there is no adequate time on when to refinance your mortgage? As before acquiring refinancing, you should always consider your mortgage situation, and question yourself,

For how long am I going to stay in this house or how much money am I going to save?

If you are planning to stay for a long time, then you should consider refinancing, or if you are not going to stay at your house for a long time, then it would not be a good decision as remember, the cost of refinancing might invalidate any of possible savings.

As a smart homeowner, always make efforts to get rid of the debts as well as build equity and do some savings. So, being a savvy buyer, you should determine the ideal time or when to refinance your mortgage.

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