What Items to Bring When you Photograph a Wedding


Our main job as a San Diego Wedding Photographer is to create beautiful images for our couple. But some photographer’s job is also to provide phenomenal customer service from beginning to end. Today, in this article we have compiled the list of non-gear related items to bring along when you photograph a wedding.

The Wedding Timeline

1 month before the wedding, send the bride and groom a questionnaire requesting details about the timeline, address, wedding theme, their families and vendors. Not only this will help them think through any details they may have overlooked in their busy schedule, but these answers will help you foresee any timeline delays or issues.

Family Photo List

Under no circumstance should San Diego Wedding Photographer show up to a wedding without a list of family photos, created and approved in advance by the couple. Attempting to focus the bride and groom moments after they have been pronounced husband and wife in front of full family and friends eager to talk to them, is a recipe for disaster.

Verify Addresses and Phone Numbers

You can never be too careful when it comes to details, so leave no stone unturned. Even if the client provided the name of the place, request the proper address to eliminate all room for error. It’s important to have specific addresses for the bride’s house, groom’s house, photo locations, and the reception venue.

Phone numbers are important for wedding day communication. Have the bride and groom’s mobile number on file and request an alternative number of a family member because it’s common for a bride and a groom to not have their personal phones with them.

Step Up your Experience with These Items

If you only remember half of this article, stop reading it and remember the first part. But if you want to step up your ‘’wedding photography game’’ and look like a hero, keep reading this article. Make gathering the following items a goal for your next San Diego Wedding Photography bookings.

Set of Umbrellas

Purchase a set of umbrellas and keep them in the trunk of your car at all times so you’re never left out in the rain.

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