What is Kalyan Matka? How is it being played in India?

Kalyan Matka is a form of matka game which is very popular playing numbers and earning good monetary rewards. This game was developed by a person named Mr. Kalan Bhagat, also it got started in Kalyan, a place near Mumbai, from there it got its name Kalyan Matka Results. Opening and closing times are fix. People playing Satta Matka, use previous data to analyze, calculate and figure out the winning number.


During initial days, Satta Matka was played by visiting the brokers and Satta Matka Results were announce manually at the location and was communicated to people through telephone. Now in this Digital world, everything has gone digital, people can order anything from the comfort of their home. Things get delivered to their location, all type of financial transactions have gone digital and so is the case with Satta Matka. There are numerous websites announcing Satta Matka Results/ Kalyan Matka Results. These websites provide You Matka Number and Main Mumbai Matka Tips & Charts, Jodi Record, Today’s Lucky Number, Satta market Software Android Mobile App.


People playing Matka are generally in loss. With the help of tenured members of Satta Matka, and with the help of charts and few calculations their chances of winning game increase many fold.


How to play the game?

How to pick Satta Matka Number?

First pick any 3 numbers between 0–9. For example if you pick2,3,6 as  random numbers. Then these numbers are added and a single number is calculated (2 + 3 + 6). In this example, it is 11. You just have to keep one digit of this number, the last one. here, it will be 1. therefor your first draw would be 2,3,6 *1.


Then there comes the second set of numbers that are taken. The guidelines for selecting the 2nd number are exactly the same as the first draw. As a random case, let’s assume the numbers are2,6,9. The sum of these numbers would be 17, once again we will just keep the last digit of the number derived, in this case second digit is 7 there for the last pick for the second draw of numbers is 2,6,9 *7


Our final card would be like this: 2,3,6 *1 X 2,6,9 *7.Here opening number is 1 and Closing number is 7.


Idea to Win Matka Game:

To be successful at the Satta Matka game, you have various choices and cash prizes, ranging from 9/1 to 999/1. This is a very lucrative game and attracts everyone, but the game is simply a game of good fortune and therefore cannot be beaten by everyone. It requires all the luck to win but, many people are superstitious about their numbers and always play them, just like the lottery games and many other by looking at charts and calculations.


Many people depend on satta matka to make money in a faster way. It is an easiest and quick way to earn profits. But risky too.

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