What Invisible Bra Should You Get?

There are several types of bras being marketed as invisible. Common terms are strapless bra, backless bra, adhesive bra and many others. To confuse matters even further, many of these terms are often true about one product – which could be said to be both strapless, clear strap bra backless and adhesive!

But why not start with a definition of what “invisible” means to you? Let us assume you want to be able to wear a bra underneath a thick sweater – you could wear almost any type, right? The thickness of the sweater would conceal anything. But what if it was a sweater with a deep and wide neck cut? The bra cups might become visible, and the straps too. Some women don’t mind showing the straps of their bras, but if that look is a bit too casual for you, consider going for something less visible.

Invisible bra straps
Sometimes the easiest thing to do, is to replace the straps on your bra with straps made of clear plastic. If your favourite bra allows detaching the straps, then this can be a good way of keeping a comfy and well-fitting bra in use. If your bra does not have detachable straps, well, you can get bras that are “born” with clear straps, so to speak. sporty outfits

Strapless bras
If invisible bra straps are not enough, why not get rid of the straps altogether? The strapless bra is held up mostly by the back-straps, which are often wider than normal to provide the extra support. It can sometimes be difficult finding a strapless bra that fits you as comfortably as a bra with straps, which is why many women only use these bras for special occasions or short durations. Especially if you have large breasts, a strapless bra can get uncomfortable around the back straps and under the breasts.


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