Vivaldi gives users easier access to search products on Yandex Market

The Vivaldi browser, available on Windows, Mac, Linux computers, and Android devices, integrates Yandex Market to its latest version as a default Speed Dial. This integration lets users get direct access to thousands of stores on Yandex Market with a single click and allows them to enjoy a truly immersive experience while browsing with one of the most successful marketplaces in Russia.

Offering useful and innovative features more than any other browser today, Vivaldi keeps user privacy ahead and does not share and sell user data.

Vivaldi gives multiple ways to browse the web with various browser built-in features like Tab Stacks, Tab Tiling, Web Panels, Vertical Tabs, Ad and Tracker blocker, Notes, Mouse Gestures, Screen Capture, secure Sync, Speed Dials and much more.

Yandex Market as a default Speed Dial on both desktop and mobile

Users can now have direct access to thousands of stores on their favorite marketplace Yandex Market whenever they launch the browser or open a new tab.

They can quickly access Yandex Market through a thumbnail preview from Vivaldi’s Start Page. These thumbnails – Speed Dials – are the top favorite sites selected by users and is one of the most popular features of the Vivaldi browser.

With this integration in Vivaldi, more than four million people that visit Yandex Market daily in Russia can now get a faster and customizable browsing experience.

“We are thrilled to partner with Yandex Market,” Tatsuki Tomita, COO Vivaldi says. “This partnership with Yandex Market arrives at a crucial time with online sales in Russia on the rise. This will not only elevate localized browsing but also provide users in Russia with easy access to the country’s top marketplace.”

Furthermore, users can customize browser bookmarks included in their browser Speed dials and even add custom Speed Dials and folders to organize their content.

“Every day we make it more convenient for people to choose various products and find profitable offers on Yandex.Market. We are glad that it has now become easier for Vivaldi users to solve their everyday shopping tasks,” comments Vadim Kovalev, advisor and the head of Yandex.Market service.

Online sales and browsing on the rise

According to HSE estimates, online sales of consumer goods in Russia have grown by 18% making online retail one of the fastest growing sectors in the Russian economy last year.

With online activity on the rise, Vivaldi also adds Yandex Market as a default Speed Dial to its recently launched browser on Android devices, Chromebooks, and tablets.

The Vivaldi browser on Android, just like its desktop counterpart, sports a unique interface and useful functionality that gives users a fast, secure, and productive way of browsing.

“We have received a lot of positive feedback and much love for Vivaldi from users in Russia and CIS countries. We hope users will enjoy their browsing even more with our new integration of Yandex Market on both desktop and Android devices,” continues Tatsuki Tomita.

Yandex Market – the popular marketplace where users can find more than 230 million offers from almost 25 thousand Russian and international online stores. There you can compare products by parameters and prices, study reviews, ask questions to other visitors, shops and manufacturers. The service will help you find what you need: from the latest smartphone model with a first-class camera to kids toys. Almost 4 million users make their choice on Yandex.Market every day.

Learn more about the Vivaldi browser and download it for free at .

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