Top 3 School Gym Equipment That Every School Should Have

Taking part in regular physical activity is essential to the well being of all students. Along with improving physical health, regular exercise has also been proven to enhance the ability to concentrate and maintain focus, hence contributing to improved academic performance. With results like these, it is no wonder why schools and universities are developing their own physical activity programmes.

For these programmes to be successful though, it needs careful planning of space and equipment alongside designing an engaging student experience that ensures long-term commitment. Outdoor gyms have been popping up in schools around the country to make fitness both fun and accessible for all. Spending time in an outdoor school gym area with the best school gym equipment offers a whole range of health benefits to children as they grow and develop.

So if you are thinking to embrace the fresh air of fitness at your school, then it is essential to choose gym equipment pieces that are versatile enough to be used by different ages and ability levels. With so much choice available now when it comes to choosing the best school gym equipment, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to begin.

Gymwarehouse has listed a few essential gym items that would work well in any school gym.

GTC Zeus Treadmill

The Zeus Treadmill is a popular choice of machine among schools and other small businesses. The treadmill offers all the reliability and robustness of the Titan Treadmill but in a smaller, more compact package.
This highly attractive and superbly functional treadmill is meant to provide years of exceptional service to the progressive gym clubs. The Zeus Treadmill has the same ‘bulletproof’ AC running gear as the Titan and the practical advantage of reduced size for the gym areas requiring the efficiency of space. However, functionality and reliability have always been the key to the design of this GTC machine.
It also boasts a multitude of functions, including incline/speed programs, entertainment input, Direct Speed/Incline input, and Heart Rate Indicator. This is an excellent choice for the astute gym owner. The purposeful layout of the display makes it a joy to use for experienced runners and newcomers alike.
Generally, treadmills come with pre-set programmed running speed, but the GTC commercial running machines can be set accurately to reflect the actual speed of the athlete while using the machine. Added speed calibration on the GTC commercial machines is sure to delight the customers.

GTC 600 Commercial Gym Cross Trainer

The latest series of Professional Grade Cardio Machines is here! The new GTC Rear drive 600 series cross trainer is available now from our UK warehouse. The machine features an elegant console and uses the Hand Grip HRM system to provide the user with heart rate indication. The machine measures 2190mm x 650mm x 1720mm when assembled and does not require any power supply. There is touch control on the arms, which makes it easy adjusting the Croostrainer during a strenuous workout. Also, HRM sensors on both arms and grip handle mean you can monitor your exertion at all times.

Additional features include a convenient bottle holder, feet adjustment to each leg, and a large LCD display. The long travel rear arms make sure that a good stride length is maintained. The expanded range currently includes Upright Bike, Vibration Plate, Recline Bike, and the 500/600 Series Cross Trainer.
Commercial gym cross trainers are an effective way to work out your entire body. They are a popular choice among gym users wishing to lose weight or increase their cardiovascular exercise.

Leg Extension

This is one of the most popular machines for the gym. The Heavy Duty selectorised Leg Press allows the user to exercise the Quadriceps (front of things). The Lever arm has several adjustment levels, so it can be located in a position to suit various user sizes. Also, consider our Leg Curl, Leg Extension, and Dual Purpose that will twice the functionality in a similar space.

At Gymwarehouse, we stock a bespoke package of fitness equipment for schools, universities, and Local Education Authorities, including cardio machines, resistance machines, free weights and a studio. We also include a full turnkey package if required. Our gym equipment packages are not only suitable for children’s PE lessons and to aid training for competitive sport but are also suitable for after hours use by paying adults. We can also modify machine sizes and resistance settings in our own workshops upon request.
So why wait when we have these machines ready at our warehouse.

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