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In the age of digital cameras, it’s not uncommon to build up a collection of thousands of photos over the years. Professional photographers may even find themselves trying to manage collections in the hundreds of thousands. Of course, organizing and managing these collections at such massive scale becomes a practical impossibility if you only have manual methods to rely on. Fortunately, AI has the solution in the form of advanced algorithms to make sense of photos across a wide range of categories. That’s what Tag That Photo was developed for – to scan every photo by tracing individual characteristics, such as eyes, nose, and mouth, to find every face with an extraordinary degree of accuracy.

How does automated photo tagging work?

After scanning the image, a process which takes less than a second with a typical modern computer, Tag That Photo builds a face code. In other words, it translates the photo into data that a computer can better understand by making sense of landmark measurements and creating a unique code for every face in your photo collection. To get started, all you need to do is choose a photo and match a face to a particular name. One you have tagged a name to a face code, the software will quickly and accurately match it to every other photo containing the same person. An independent study even found a degree of accuracy greater than that used by similar solutions deployed by Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

By applying patented face recognition technology, Tag That Photo lets you organize enormous photo collections automatically, with minimal input on the part of the end user necessary. Naturally, this saves a ton of time, especially for professional photographers who often find themselves trying to manage rapidly growing collections. For other users, it’s a great way to find treasured photos of family and friends across years of archives on your computer. To avoid false positives and improve accuracy even further, you, you can apply names to unknown faces, and Tag That Photo will provide name suggestions. You will then have the option to confirm, reject, or even rename the suggested names.

Once you’ve organized your photo collection, you can then share your photos with friends and family members using the peer-to-peer networking feature included. This way, face recognition data can also be securely shared with those people, allowing them to save time tagging their photos as well. Of course, for the sake of privacy and security, none of this information will ever be made available to the public. Tag That Photo takes privacy very seriously, whether your files are stored on your Windows desktop or in the cloud. You get to decide where your photos are stored, who you share them with, and how you manage them. After all, they are your personal photos! Other features include the ability to import tags.

Tag That Photo’s new partner Jalbum makes it even easier to share photos without compromising your privacy and security. It also offers a powerful metadata framework giving power users even greater control over the way they organize their rapidly growing collections. You can get started with Tag That Photo at https://tagthatphoto.com/

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