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Are you tired of having your every online activity tracked by advertisers and leaving your personal information exposed to the highest bidder? Or, maybe you’re accustomed to working on the move and connecting to public wireless hotspots, despite the increased security risks that come with it. Yet another common situation many people find themselves in is being unable to access their favorite websites and online services when they’re abroad. These are all common examples of how people ordinarily lack control over their browsing experiences and their online privacy and security. However, there’s also an easy way to change things for the better. Virtual private networking solves all these problems and more.

What is VyprVPN for Mac?

VyprVPN for Mac is a private virtual networking solution for macOS users, with servers all over the globe. When you connect to the internet or any online service via a VPN, all your internet traffic is automatically routed through a remote server, rather than connecting directly with the website server itself. This hides your real IP address from the websites and online services you’re connecting to, replacing it with one provided by the VPN server itself. Every device connected to the internet has an IP address, a unique identifier that reveals various information about your connection. This includes the name and location of your internet service provider and, as a consequence, your approximate geographical location.

How using a VPN protects your privacy

Unless you use an ad blocker, you’ve probably already noticed how many of the online ads you see seem to know a lot about you. They typically display ads for products sold on websites you’ve already visited or businesses in your local area. This form of personalized advertising is only possible as many companies track your IP address to deliver more relevant ads and other content. While this might seem convenient on some level, it also breaches your right to privacy, even in spite of legislation like GDPR or CCPA. If you want to protect your privacy and keep your browsing habits to yourself, VyprVPN for Mac will do so by hiding your real IP address, thus making it impossible for websites to track your activities.

Bypass online censorship and other restrictions

If you’ve been abroad recently, you’ve probably noticed how many websites, such as Google, automatically default to the language of the country you’re in, rather than the country you’re from. It doesn’t matter which device you’re using either in many cases, since content is typically tailored to local audiences. But for people travelling for business or pleasure, this can become a significant inconvenience. This is especially the case when you get those dreaded messages along the lines of ‘this content is not available in your area’. This may be due to local censorship laws or the draconian content licensing measures that many big companies put in place to control what their users can and cannot see. With a VPN, you can browse the web freely as though you’re in the country where the VPN server is.

The latest version of VyprVPN for Mac supports the latest OpenVPN 2.4, and provides improvements to the login process, along with several bug fixes. Try it out today at https://www.vyprvpn.com/vpn-apps/vpn-for-mac .

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