, the Online Store for Authentic Irish Sea Moss and Herbal Supplements is pleased to announce that they have launched exclusive Irish Sea Moss in capsule and gel forms. The benefits of this marine super food are known to many. People from the Caribbean Islands and Ireland are known for consuming sea moss not just as a cuisine but also for the medicinal benefits. It is also believed to treat a variety of health conditions such as coughs, infections, digestive issues as well as low libido. Check out the site for detailed information on the benefits and uses of sea moss.

Surge Herbs features Irish Sea Moss in the prepared form, capsules and gels. Each and every product featured here is authentic and 100% wild crafted. Bladderwrack & Burdock Infused sea moss gel, purple & gold moss gel from the Caribbean, Dragonfruit infused sea moss are some of the best sellers here. The store also features herbal supplements made from burdock root, sarsaparilla root, raspberry and other natural plant and fruit based extracts.

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Surge Herbs is an online store featuring herbal supplements, herbal liquid tonics and authentic raw Irish/ sea moss in capsule and gel forms. The store offers free shipping on all orders and first time customers can get an additional 10% discount on orders $50 and more.

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