Start a Princess Party Business with Coaching from Wendy Radicy

Wendy Radicy, the owner of Spa Princess Parties is pleased to present an exciting and fun princess party business plan. This opportunity is perfect for moms, college students and empty nesters. Princess Party Business is a trending entertainment business right now especially in the kids’ events category. The princess party business plan does not need high capital or special licenses. Part time or full time, the opportunity is one of a kind. As a starter, Wendy has some special videos and eBooks for interested to-be entrepreneurs. The spa princess party business is a very interesting small-scale business that involves organizing a birthday party for young girls aged 3 to 14. Click on the link below to know more about the Princess Party Business Plan, the initial earnings that one can expect and so on. Wendy is soon releasing an eBook on how to be successful in this business. So, stay tuned for more updates on this front.

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About Wendy Radicy

Wendy Radicy based at Miami, Florida is the founder of Spa Princess Parties. Wendy is now offering princess party business coaching for those who want to start an exciting small-scale enterprise and be the reason for that smile on the young girls’ faces when they have a party of their dreams.

Wendy Radicy

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