Speed Up Your PC with the Powerful Tools in System Mechanic Professional

There is nothing worse than starring at a screen unable to do anything as your PC tries to catch up to your instructions. Every one of us has experienced the lag behind an out-of-date or overly taxed system. We could all use a simple tool that gives our PC a “tune-up” to continue to use the system.

The powerful System Mechanic Professional suite of admin tools is designed to reduce stress on your operating system by cleaning up old files, removing duplicate files, decluttering file structures, and pretty much anything else you can imagine for speeding up your PC.

The latest version includes a really clean, streamlined UI that makes it incredibly easy to use the various Admin tools. There is a panel dedicated to an ActiveCare feature, a type of real-time system monitoring that gives you tips about improving your CPU, RAM, and hard disk performance. There is even a one-click tune-up feature that will initiate the tools the program perceives to be the most critical.

A few newer features are worth highlighting for this version of System Mechanic Professional. The program now wipes sensitive browsing histories and actively patches any known Windows security flaws that could harm or slow down your PC. While this isn’t an AntiVirus, it is another proactive tool that crates barriers against possible Malware vulnerability sectors.

The average user will appreciate the automated feature included in System Mechanic Professional that removes the guesswork and learning curve of operating the system tools manually. This allows the program to clean up any junk files and remove bloatware that slows your startup and boot time.

This is an excellent tool for people that require a lot of processing power in their daily use. Streamers and gamers will appreciate every byte of data they can smoothly transfer after a fresh clean-up. Security and home users will enjoy the benefits of having yet one more gateway to protect their systems from relentless advertising trackers and bot attacks.

System Mechanic Professional goes out of its way to explain all the common PC problems your system may be experiencing. It is refreshing to have a company try to educate users instead of work in the background, happy to keep the veil of IT knowledge in place. The more a user can understand their system, the more they will leverage it for different goals.

The full version of System Mechanic Professional is available at http://www.iolo.com/products/system-mechanic-professional/. You can purchase different levels of access or try out the free demo version for a while to get used to the suite of tools. Of course, the best option would be to purchase it outright, as that will give you full access to the complete set of tools that will definitely breathe new life into your slow PC.

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