Simplify your migration from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign

Graphic designers have lots of different options available to them when it comes to software. However, while the popular applications offer their pros and cons, many designers ultimately end up turning to the industry standard for the sake of compatibility and using a universal format. QuarkXPress is a robust product that offers a wide range of features and can easily hold up against other leading solutions. However, it also has its own proprietary file format, which means designers might run into compatibility issues. In this case, they will need to find something that converts files created in QuarkXPress into more widely supported formats.

Adobe InDesign is an undisputed industry leader in graphic design, which is why a lot of professional designers never consider using other software. If you use both tools, or you want to migrate from QuarkXPress to InDesign, you will need an easy way to convert your files. Of course, this can get complicated if you have several years’ worth of documents that you need to convert. For example, manually saving each and every document you want to use in Adobe InDesign in a more accessible file format requires a lot of time spent in QuarkXPress opening and saving your files. There is no batch conversion process.

Fortunately, Q2ID is here to the rescue. Develops by Markzware, it is a simple and lightweight plugin for Adobe InDesign that lets you open files created in QuarkXPress. It provides seamless interoperability between the two applications, making it a must-have solution for those moving to Adobe InDesign or anyone who uses both applications. When converting files, it’s easy to worry about things not going to plan, but Q2ID puts quality and accuracy above everything else. It ensures there are no missing features in almost all situations. It converts virtually all items, such as layers, text boxes, fonts, positions, colors, styles, tables, attributes, and more.

With the Q2ID plugin installed in Adobe InDesign, you can simply open the new menu item which appears and import files in moments. It supports every document created in QuarkXPress from the fourth edition right up to the most recent releases. This means you can easily migrate your entire set of files even if you’ve been using QuarkXPress for many years. The plugin also works without any issues with all versions of Adobe InDesign from CS6 right up to the current CC 2020 edition. Q2ID is regularly updated as well to ensure it remains compatible with all versions of Adobe InDesign currently supported. All subscriptions include plugins for all versions too.

Q2ID provides full conversation for every page layout and all content to ensure a seamless experience. The plugin is available as a subscription to include all updates at $199 per year. You will also find tailor-made options for larger organizations, which is ideal if you want to deploy the plugin on a large number of systems. Once you start using the plugin, you’ll soon find how quick and easy it can be to migrate from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign. Get started today at .

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