Featuring Top-Rated Shapewear for Women and Best Waist Trainers, the exclusive shapewear store online is pleased to present the best waist trainer and top-rated shapewear for today’s modern women. Office goers or college goers, there is nothing better than dressing up for success. Dressing right doesn’t just boost the inner morale but also creates an amazing impression. And what better way to make the dress fit than to do it with the right shapewear. Shapellx believes that every silhouette is unique and different and it needs to be treated that way. Their shapewear is designed based on this concept and to suit different body types.

The store carries an amazing selection of waist trainers, shapers and clinchers for those who want to highlight the curves in a way that they desire. From celebs to fitness enthusiasts, women from all across the world have tried and tested Shapellx waist trainers to get that perfect hourglass figure. Coming to shapewear, the products featured here offer an all-round contouring as well as to target a specific area. Shaping shorts, tank tops, camis, slips, panties and bodysuits are available here to work on target areas.

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SHAPELLX was founded in 2019 as a brand that features some of the most sophisticated body shaping garments which don’t just improve posture but also boost confidence. From achieving a contoured shape to getting a sleek physique, these body shapers are designed for everyday use as well as special occasion wear.



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