, the Leaders in Acrylic Products for Retail and Wholesale Distribution, the leaders in acrylic products is pleased to present their latest range of clear acrylic sheets. Acrylic sheet is highly used in building and construction, commercial and structural glazing, exhibits, convention displays, fabrication, signage, trade show and many other applications. Made up of high quality materials, these sheets are moldable, resistant to high impacts, light in weight, strong and attractive. offers acrylic products in different thickness options as well as finishes. The sheets are so sturdy that they are perfect for various construction projects due to their high molecular weight. And since these sheets are so strong they are also the perfect materials for manufacturing durable skylights, storm resistant windows, bulletproof windows, etc. The other applications include LCD screens, bath tubs, decorative walls, machine panels, noise barriers, etc. Customers can choose from Clear AcrylicSheet and colored sheets, acrylic on white, acrylic miller, hollow pipes, light diffusion, orange peel, sparkling sheets and color candy sheets.

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Sedtheesathaporn Co., Ltd based at Bangkok, Thailand is a company that manufactures and distributed acrylic products. They are known for their reliable product range for both retail and wholesale customers at fair pricing and nationwide delivery.


Mr. Ake – Sedtheesathaporn Co., Ltd.

Address: Bangkok, Thailand

Phone: +66-0-98-964-5195

Email: [email protected]


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