SAM Broadcaster Cloud: all you need to launch your own online radio station

Thanks to radio automation software, anyone can run their own online radio stations without having extensive technical or broadcasting expertise. The internet makes it possible to live-stream online using your computer. It’s possible to get a radio station up and running in a day with the right app, and you can jumpstart your career in broadcasting or just do it as a hobby. In fact, you don’t even need to install any additional software on your PC or other device, thanks to the availability of cloud-hosted software which is always up to date and proactively maintained by the service provider. A cloud-based solution also offers the benefit of being accessible anywhere thanks to the provision of a web interface managed through a browser.


SAM Broadcaster Cloud was developed to make it happen. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced broadcaster wanting to expand your audience globally through the online world, this solution offers the tools you need to run your radio station with a professional touch. First, you can upload your content to online storage, and then set up your automated schedule so that your radio station can run around the clock without using your local computing resources. You don’t need to be around to operate it, as your playlists will already be preconfigured, along with any advertising and other content you want to include. When you’re ready to get back online, you can use the live-streaming feature to host talk shows and more.


To make sure you achieve maximum success with your online radio broadcasting venture, you’ll also want to provide an excellent listener experience, and there’s more to that than the content you play alone. SAM Broadcaster Cloud supports many different formats, including high-quality professional and lossless audio for the most discerning of listeners. It supports several popular streaming services in addition to Spacial’s own solution. To offer an excellent user experience though, you also need the right interface and controls. With easy web integration, you can easily add the player app to your website without doing any coding yourself. Player widgets show what’s playing and let listeners view your playlist or even send in requests.


While Spacial’s desktop-side software is ideal for those wanting to supply background music to a public venue, this cloud-based offering is designed with professional radio broadcasting in mind. Because it doesn’t require any specialized hardware or locally installed software on your part, you can easily have multiple DJs running programs on your radio station, and it doesn’t matter where they’re physically located either. The customizable station manager also lets you protect your music library from being deleted, and you can grant tiered access rights to as many DJs as you want. After all, it’s your radio station, so you get to set the rules! You can also run multiple radio stations and access customer insights and reporting.


The latest version, launched on January 13, 2020, provides a new notes window for adding quick notes or other static information. Get started with version 2020.1 today at .


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