RUEN THAI, the Wedding Ceremony Specialists with Exotic Thai Wedding Venues

BANGKOK, THAILAND – 2nd November 2020 – RUEN THAI Lalita Group are the Thai wedding ceremony specialists. What makes them special is that they value the traditions as much as the bride, the groom and their families. Exotic Thai houses are the featured wedding venues and engagement venues; and they beat the serenity of any destination wedding location. Ruen Thai has 6 branches and every branch has wedding planners and organizers who take care of the decorations as well as catering. Bride, groom or their families can always approach the team for any special request or preparations. 


Surrounded by lush beautiful gardens and shady trees, the Thai Wedding Venues are the perfect way to start a new life with blessings from loved ones and nature itself. These places are also excellent engagement venues and customers can also conduct various ceremonies such as monk ceremony, Buddhist water pouring ceremony, Khan Mak Parade, Ancestor Ceremony followed by the traditional arrangements for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And for those who have special party requests at these Thai Wedding Venues, they can be assured of the best banquet room service, audio equipment and MC services as well. 


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Ruen Thai Lalita Group are the Thai Wedding Ceremony specialists. They offer one-stop wedding services including decoration, catering and other arrangements as required by the bride and the groom. They have 6 exotic Thai wedding venues covering Bangkok and other metropolitan areas. 



Mr. Jsomchaij – Ruen Thai By Lalita Company Limited

Address: Bangkok, Thailand 

Phone: +66(0)-84-531-1754


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