“RIDCHY-T by Dr.Thee , herbal remedies for those who suffer from hemorrhoids”

Ridchy-T herbs are specially selected natural herbal formulas of over 30 high-quality types, making them safe from the accumulation of body chemistry that may be obtained from modern medicine. And do not have to pay for surgery at a very high price

Ridchy-T Herbs will help restore and cure all symptoms. Whether the patient is in the early, middle or late stage around the fistula caused by hemorrhoids will gradually back to its original state And does not cause blood vessels And the tissue dies in any way

Product properties

Help the digestive system to return to normal

Help stop the symptoms of blood transfusion

Help heal wounds in the mouth and anus and areas with ulcers in the intestines

Helps to disinfect and remove waste so that it does not come back.

Prevent the hemorrhoids from recurring

Helps reduce inflammation, pain, swelling around the anus.

Help restore the digestive system Does not give constipation Better draining

Causes hemorrhoids that are protruding to collapse and atrophy without surgery.

“ Stop!! Hemorrhoids easily with & “สมุนไพรแก้ริดสีดวง RIDCHY-T “

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