Resilience, Inc deploys SELENA to Dream Academy

Today, Resilience Inc, developers of the K-12th grade Social Emotional Learning Enhancement Application (SELENA), curriculum, deploy SELENA to Dream Academy. This marks a major stride for Resilience as the company comes closer to achieving its goal of having Social Emotional Learning available at schools nationwide. 

SELENA covers five core topics – self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness – all while teaching and developing students’ emotional intelligence skills. Activities within the curriculum range from audio and visual aids, alongside premium features such as virtual reality, 1-on-1 exercises, and video games for further engagement. Matthew, a student at the Dream Academy, said that he “liked the fact that it was just friends getting together to talk. That’s not something you see nowadays because everyone is so guarded… and I just felt like everyone was putting everything out there.” Another student named Amir said it “helped me think two, three, years down the road, instead of 30 minutes down the road.”

SELENA is available at no cost and will help students develop resilience and improve their mental health, emotional intelligence and in turn, their academic performance. The SELENA curriculum contains 65 modules covering topics such as empathy, gratitude, goal setting, and communication among others. 

About Resilience Inc.: Resilience Inc. ( dedicated to distributing learning tools to teach emotional intelligence to K-12 schools, with the hopes of reducing school shootings, drug addiction, depression, low student engagement and poor test scores. The company is based in Tampa, Florida.

About Dream Academy

Dream Academy is a Private K-12 School registered in the State of Florida (School Code 9366). They are a Blended Learning School, offering 24/7/365 access, with a series of Learning Centers to provide in-person support and regular contact. They offer a High School Diploma and Associate in Arts degrees, as well as a number of Workforce and Military preparation options. For more information about Dream Academy, visit its website at


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Company Name: Resilience, Inc.
Phone: (813) 480-4751
Country based: United States

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